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This specific scent is unknown because the name is not on the bottom of the candle, but it's something that smells autumnal and also kind of burns your nose if you burn it in your bedroom with the doors closed so maybe keep that in mind if you want to burn these candles in a small, confined space. Your nose might hurt, but it also will probably be worth it so...
Glade candles

In my birthday post last week, I mentioned that candles were a luxury that I could not afford. I used to always have candles burning my senior year of high school because they smelled nice and I watched one too many Bath and Body Works hauls on YouTube (remember when those were a huge thing?). Then I moved into the dorms where I was too afraid to even have or use an illegal toaster, let alone have a candle burning. No one wants to be the jerk that accidentally sets off the fire alarm and has to evacuate your floor and the ones directly above and below you. And our fire alarms were even more sensitive than I am, so that just wasn't a risk I was willing to take. Then came my apartment and the lowest my bank account has ever been and there was just no time or finances for candles. .

I know, these aren't a Yankee candle or, god, those super bougie Diptyque candles that I want so bad just to say I have one. The Glade candles don't burn for very long if you're like me and like them burning for hours and hours. But if you need something to smell nice and fill a whole room quick, look no further. We used to use these occasionally at our apartment if we had people over or family visitors because it just gave us that extra assurance that our entire apartment didn't smell like a musty warehouse, or worse, the litterbox that we had to keep in the bathroom for Gigi (our cat, not Gigi Hadid)(that seemed like a really important clarification to make as if 1. Gigi Hadid would frequently be at our apartment enough to warrant this and 2. Would prefer to use a litterbox over any other viable bathroom option which preferably would just be the toilet but I suppose to each their own).

Want to know what's not a favorite? The wind consistently trying to mess up my pictures by blowing my wispy hairs into my eyes and therefore ruining a perfectly nice picture in which I prove that I have (a) gone outside this week and (b) been around nature, a true rarity in my case.

J. Crew Black Crepe Pants

I am always on board with any and all pants that have any kind of elastic involved, whether it's in the waist, the material, or ideally, both. While I am absolutely into the idea of aesthetically pleasing and killer outfits, I'm also in the business of comfort so if I can get the comfort of a pair of joggers with the slight addition of a little bit of sophistication with the typical cigarette trouser look. I mean, look, I wore these willingly outside in nature. They survived a walk through Niagara Falls and lunch and I didn't feel like my legs were going to rip from the seams either time. Plus, I'm also giving two thumbs up to anything that styles easily with a pair of sneakers. In a turn of events, that has become a main priority for me and I'm not mad about it.

Celestial Peppermint Black Tea

Celestial Seasonings just gets tea right. I love their fun flavors, especially their holiday flavors. While I believe they sell this one all year round, it's still extra nice to drink around this year, especially considering that I'm not a massive fan of most other peppermint drinks. I know, I'm the worst. How am I supposed to get in the Christmas spirit when the idea of a Peppermint Mocha makes me shudder in fear. I'll cross that bridge when it comes, but for now, I'm happy and content drinking my peppermint tea. This is nice just to drink for a dose of peppermint, but I also drink it when my stomach is upset (which, since I like to ignore my body's response to dairy frequently because I like macaroni and cheese too much, is a lot) because mint helps soothe an upset stomach (be careful though, because it can harm other things along the same lines, like heartburn and acid reflux!).

First Aid Beauty Cleanser

I finally returned to my one and only cleanser love. I've tried...too many cleansers in my day. Drugstore, high end, sample sized, full sized, you name it. But this cleanser...this cleanser just gets me. I love the squeeze tube packaging, the subtle fresh smell, the consistency, and how it actually helps remove the makeup on my face. I don't go into the shower with a full face of makeup and expect whatever I'm using to take it off, but it's nice when I only have a little bit left on my face for my cleanser to take care of it so when I'm using my toner, my cotton pad isn't coming out orange because my face is still caked in foundation. 

This was really great for my skin when it was extra sensitive and would break out if someone even looked at it wrong. It's incredibly gentle, but it also has a thicker consistency so it's easier to work into your face instead of a more gel-like consistency that feels like it's just slipping right off your face the second you try to massage it in. Plus, it's great for all skin types and worked for me well when I had oily skin and still now, even if my skin has changed to more of a normal/dry combination.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. Haha, well I am OBSESSED with Walmart's brand Mainstay's candles! They all smell so good and strong when you burn them (unlike Yankee candles which I don't think smell while they burn!) The joy of cheap soothing comfort!

    1. I never go to Walmart, so this is something I'm going to have to change for some candles! Omg, I love that though, "cheap soothing comfort." You're so right!


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