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I Want Your Midnights | November Playlist

What? Seven posts in one week? I wanted to post my November playlist because they're some of my favorite posts to share because music is cool but I didn't want to bump a spot in my original posts I had scheduled so...we're getting bonus posts this weekend, hope y'all don't mind. And if you do I'm sorry and you can just forget today and yesterday's post happened. Actually, don't forget yesterday's post happened because it announced my YouTube channel so...

I digress, this month has, admittedly, been a lot of the same albums on repeat. I was still listening to a lot of Niall Horan's album Flicker, mostly because it's the CD that my mom constantly keeps on in her car, so every time we went somewhere this month, that CD was the only thing she would let me play. That's right. She's obsessed. She'll admit it, right mom? And then there was Walk the Moon and Taylor Swift's new albums that also dominated a lot of my listening. However, we have quite a few other songs in the mix that I was definitely into this past month.

I will admit, the Miguel on this playlist was partially inspired by his performances at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year. I've been a fan of Miguel for a few years after a friend told me to listen to "Coffee" and I did just that, and then some by keeping it on repeat for god knows how long. Then there's a fair bit of P!nk on the playlist that definitely started after seeing her on Carpool Karaoke. Truthfully, I've been bopping to P!ink since 2001, just a small six-year-old jamming out to "Get the Party Started."

Then, naturally, there's some Shawn Mendes because when is there ever not Shawn Mendes somewhere on my playlists? (And yes, I'm still obsessed with "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" and it's still a somewhat a semi-issue). And I have, admittedly, been listening to "The Climb" one too many times for a now-22-year-old, but honestly, it's a tune. 

And then to round off the selection, we have the typical sad song collection because sometimes I just like relaxing and rather sad music to just chill out to. We have a little bit of Father John Misty, some EXES, and my personal favorite musician to cry to, Sara Bareilles. 

That's pretty much, in summary, everything I've been listening to this month. But also a lot of "Bedroom Floor" by Liam Payne on repeat, but I believe that was on my October playlist. Then again, I also think Niall's Flicker was also on there. Why am I only breaking the rules for one of them?! The world may never know...

What songs have you been loving in November?


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