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Tis the Season of (Tan) Turtlenecks

I really just added that extra tan in there for alliteration reasons, let's be real here. It's my favorite time of year. No, not the holidays. And no, not the end of the year. It's finally socially acceptable and weather appropriate to wear turtlenecks on a daily basis without the weird looks and absolutely sweating bullets.

I've declared, I'm sure, on multiple occasions that turtlenecks are my lifeblood. I mean, they're up there with coffee. Actually, the simultaneous combination of drinking coffee whilst wearing a turtleneck...*shudders*. It's just too much to handle. I just think that they're the perfect addition to any late fall and winter wardrobe. They double as a sweater and a scarf and I'm all about efficiency over here. I'm a forgetful person when it comes to accessories (have I ever mentioned that I forget to wear jewelry on a daily basis and completely neglect the tiny collection I do have?), so I'll take anything that helps me out in that department.

*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.*

I totally understand if turtlenecks aren't your thing. It could either be the aesthetics side of it because sometimes even I remind myself of a dorky aunt from a sitcom who has turtleneck sweaters embroidered for every single holiday, plus a really short perm. I also totally get the whole sensory thing with having something tight, or even something looser, around your neck. 

However, if you're just a little afraid to try them for whatever reason that isn't something to do with feeling like you're going to choke and run out of air with something around your neck...give 'em a try. Really. You won't regret putting on a sweater that feels like a warm embrace. Unless you like, live in a warm climate. Then you might regret ever even considering slipping into a turtleneck. But if you're somewhere where it is not summer all year round...hear me out.

I mean, truly, you can do what you please with a turtleneck. I wear mine with jeans, skirts, looser fitting trousers like the army green ones I'm wearing in this post. Hell, I even wear this exact turtleneck with leggings when I want to be comfortable at home but also not stay in my pajamas. Truth be told, this exact sweater gets worn multiple times a week in my house (and out of the house) because it's comfortable, oversized, warm, and doesn't require me to wear a bra. As far as I'm concerned, that's a winning sweater right there.

Turtlenecks come in all shapes and size too! Which is awesome! You can tell that it's awesome because I'm using tons of exclamation points, but that could purely be attributed to my pure passion and adoration for the current subject matter. But really, if you're not into the whole oversized silhouette that a lot of the turtlenecks on the market have, there are other options for you.

I've worn that tight black turtleneck in a ton of my recent outfit photos because it's insanely comfortable (shockingly because if you haven't noticed, I don't wear a lot of form-fitting things) and works really well tucked into jeans and skirts, but also to layer under things. I actually wore it yesterday underneath an oversized men's short-sleeved button-up, which you could check out in this Instagram post

Sweater: H&M (similar)
Pants: Elizabeth & James (on sale!)
Shoes: Madden Girl (similar, on sale)
Sunglasses: Free People

Where do you stand on turtlenecks? Gotta have them or leave them behind?

 P.S. Do you want to know a secret? These pants are, lowkey, a little itchy because of the fabric and a little thin and probably more suitable for I'm wearing a pair of tights underneath and they're lovely. Plus, they're a tiny bit big in the waist (but cozy) so I can see myself wearing a thin pair of leggings underneath to keep the comfortable, better fitted, and most importantly, somewhat warm.



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    1. Thank you! I nearly didn't get it and I'm so glad I decided to go for it because it's easily one of the most worn items in my wardrobe.


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