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I Feel You Baby | NYC Street Diaries

Playing around with another entry in my Street Diaries. It's amazing what you can accidentally stumble across when there are major delays on the trains and you don't have a set agenda. I've not been having good luck with my train lines lately in Manhattan and last week was no exception. We just wanted to get down to SoHo to check out the Glossier showroom and couldn't catch a break with train delays because of a train with its emergency brakes on or something along the same lines. I mean, who can hear the muffled, distorted voice as it plays through the subway cars? Certainly not me. 

My friend and I decided to walk from wherever our train was stopped through the West Village and Greenwich because we had nothing left to lose. I'm sure this would've been really annoying had we actually had someplace important to go or if we had wanted to go back to our apartments or something. All we had to do was get down to Lafayette before 8PM and we were solid. As per usual, my friend Maddie took a few snapshots for me because she's a gem. I mean, who could deny a photo op with a Baron Von Fancy wall? I think we all know my affinity for some nice urban wall art, as we discovered with a quite a few of my posts when I was still living in Cleveland.

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Sweater: H&M | Jeans: Levi's | Jacket: J. Crew (updated version) | Sneakers: Adidas (similar | Purse: Zara | Hat: Epoch


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