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I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22

I would say that y'all don't know this about me, but I've talked about it enough on social media this past week. I've been waiting since October 22, 2012 for this moment and honestly, I'm thriving. I don't particularly care about birthdays, but 21 was fun so I could finally order margaritas at Barrio and now 22 will be a good 365 days because I can listen to this song and fully relate. It's the little things in life. 

I did a similar post to this last year where I talked about 21 things that I've learned in 21 years. Since I'm completely uncreative, I decided to one up myself and spout out 22 things that I've learned since my birthday on that (presumably) cold November day. But first, in my honor, please listen to "22" by Taylor Swift while you read this. Look, there's a link to it right here. And also here. And once more right here, just in case you missed the first two. 

*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.*

1. There is no such thing as watching too much Gilmore Girls

2. Pants are, surprisingly, not the enemy. After years of claiming denim was the devil, it turns out the right kind of denim can be your best friend.

3. Unless you're going to happy hour, pregame at your place or stick to one drink. That shit is expensive and adds up, trust me. 

4. Coffee is still king, but tea is great all day long.

5. Keeping snacks in your glovebox is a great idea if you're constantly stuck in traffic. 

6. It is still easier to be nice than it is to be mean. Sounds simple, but it's true.

7. Don't take cheap tacos for granted. 

8. Reading is not overrated.

9. The Internet is usually the worst (but when used wisely, can be the best). 

10. When it's winter nine months out of the year, there's no such thing as too many coats. 

11. Constantly cleaning out your closet is a good idea. Keep that clutter out of your life! 

12. Everyone is on their own paths. Life is not competition (unless you're athlete or something?)

13. Living your everyday life is not a one size fits all. People have different experiences, personalities, opportunities, etc, and it's important to recognize that. 

14. Battery phone cases are a genius invention and great for people who carry around tiny bags and don't have space for portable chargers.

15. Candles are a luxury that I cannot afford.

16. No matter how they're prepared and how many times I just to get myself to like them, I just don't like brussel sprouts. I don't. 

18. Not everyone is going to like you (and there's no point in trying to force them to). 

19. Pay off your credit cards right away. 

20. It's okay to be yourself on the internet.

21. Retail is hard work. Be nice to store workers. And waitstaff. And any customer service reps. 

22. Fireball is my best friend and worst enemy.

Coat: Forever21 (similar)
Boots: Charlotte Olympia (from The Real Real)
Hat: Epoch (similar)
Glasses: Prada


  1. I've been watching Gilmore Girls. It's such a good show. I wish I knew about the pop-up Luke's Diners when they were happening.

    1. I was so upset that I didn't get a chance to go! It was during my classes and skipping probably would've been frowned upon hahaha


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