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Dressing Comfortable for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful that spandex and oversized clothing exists. I'm serious. There's nothing worse than rolling up to Thanksgiving dinner wearing clothing that is remotely tight fitting. Pants without an elastic waist? No thank you. Skintight sweater? I'll pass, how am I supposed to hide my food baby?

I don't know how fancy the Thanksgiving dinners you're attending are, but you could basically wear leggings and a hoodie at my house and you'll be fine. We host somewhere around 50-55 family members in our tiny suburban home, so there's always an overabundance of dishes to accommodate. It's also approximately ten thousand degrees in my house due to the fact that it's probably over capacity by at least 25. Even if it's essentially winter by the end of November in western New York, you have to dress like it's early fall to ensure that you will not sweat bullets while the turkey is being cut.

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I would probably wear this exact look to dinner if the sweater wouldn't cause me to keel over from some sort of a rare case of late November heat stroke. It has all of the makings of a perfect outfit for the holiday: 

1. A pair of loose fitting, stretchy culottes
2. An oversized sweater that can be tucked in pre-meal and tucked out post-meal to hide that food baby. 
3. A weird shade of lipstick that will be the topic of conversation at the dinner table instead of, you know, politics and stuff like that.

I've been tempted to dress up in the past. In fact, I have. I'm sure there are plenty of outfits of Thanksgiving's past that I regret. I mean, I made the amateur mistake last year of wearing a mini skirt. Granted, it was adorable and the classic Burberry nova check but still. No chance that any food baby was going to be hidden in that sucker. Even the year before, I done goofed. A sweater tucked into a semi-formfitting Chanel skirt? What's my problem???? Do I hate comfort?

I had it right when I wore my loose-fitting DVF shift dress three years ago. Ain't nobody catching a glimpse of my bloated frame through that loose silhouette! 

Sidenote: Who needs horror movies when all you have to do is scroll through your Instagram from three years ago to find photographic evidence of your Thanksgiving outfit successes and fails? Mine is full of bad eyebrows, style, and weird and unflattering selfies.

If you have the freedom to wear whatever you want for Thanksgiving dinner, here are my suggestions. For super casual, cop a pair of fleece-lined leggings or at least some kind of leggings that aren't sheer because I don't know about your family, but I'm not entirely sure mine would want to see the outline of my underwear that I got four years ago from a Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 deal that may or may not have holes in them. Throw on a t-shirt and a long cardigan or some kind of oversized sweatshirt that you can roll up at the sleeves. If leggings are too constricting, pick a comfortable pair of culottes or joggers of some sort.

If you want to dress up a little more, shift dresses are the way to go. Nothing is comfier than basically wearing a shapeless pillowcase. All jokes aside, I'm super into shift dresses because they just skim your body so nicely without clinging to any unwanted areas. I think they're super easy to style and it's great for any event where there's a lot of eating or sitting down.

Alternatively, if you do want to wear a skirt, I'd highly recommend one with an elastic waist and that sits higher on the waist. I had this one from J.Crew in plaid a few years ago and it was my go-to holiday skirt because it was so comfortable and gave me the freedom to move, eat, and breathe without feeling like my skirt was two sizes two small post-meal. 

Y'all have the freedom to wear what you want to wear on Thanksgiving. However, if you want to take the comfy route like I'm no doubt going to take, nobody's blaming you.

Sweater: Wandering Wardrobe | Pants: Lilith | Shoes: Nine West | Sunglasses: Dior | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Lipstick: Smashbox Chill Zone


  1. LOVE THIS! That lip color and those boots are everything!

  2. This looks is SO FUN! I love your sparkly booties and dark lippie! It definitely jazzes up this outfit and gives it a certain edge!

    xo, Chloe //

    1. Thanks Chloe! This pair of boots and shade of lipstick are very fun to play around with!

  3. Love the outfit and the lip color...Still hate you

    PS come visit me...I guess


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