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Diet Prada, the Death of the Runway Walk, #MeToo, and More... | Recent Reads #3

1. Reese Witherspoon Gets Glamour To Clean Up Its Scribbles Reese Witherspoon is an incredible human being. She's my favorite historical figure. I read her article in Glamour on the bus ride to New York a couple of weeks ago and started crying. On the bus. Luckily, at that point, I don't think anyone was sitting next to me yet, so at least I didn't have to explain that rush of emotions to a stranger.

2. 'Just Hire Mannequins': On the Slow Death Of the Runway Walk Drop the mic, Jezebel. Drop the mic. I like to keep it pretty neutral on the blog regarding most things and celebrities, but man, there are some things I want to say but I just have to hold myself back...

3.  I've Become "Basic" With Age (But I Don't Give a F***) I'm basic as all hell and I can and will fully admit it. So what? I'm still a rockstar. I've got my rock moves. Wait, does quoting Pink count as being basic? Asking for a friend (me, I'm the friend).

4. Eyes On: Diet Prada I talked about Diet Prada a couple of months ago in a Things I'm Loving post and haven't stopped loving this account that holds all designers accountable for their "inspiration" whether a well-done homage or terrible blatant rip-off.

5. How Did Work Stress Get So Sexy? WISH I KNEW. Really, though.

6. Digital Download: The Power of Influencer Referrals I, generally speaking, hate numbers, but the numbers don't lie! Scroll down to the bit about Chriselle Lim (The Chriselle Factor). She's responsible for about $1 billion in retail sales through traffic from her blog. One billion. Influencer power is real, y'all.

7. Influencers Still Can’t Get Behind Disclosing Paid Posts I just thought this was an interesting read all around. I'm chill with sponsored posts as long as they're clearly disclosed and seem like a good match for the influencer. What about you guys?

8. How Harvey Weinstein's Hollywood Connections Helped Make His Wife's Fashion Label a Success Jezebel, laying down the facts for the second time in this post. A very interesting read about a one-off issue regarding the heinous Weinstein situation.

9. Here's just how massive that #MeToo hashtag has gotten Over 100,000 times? 100,000? Also, because this is important too, nobody should have to feel obligated to speak up about their own history and experience with sexual assault or harassment or drudge up tough buried emotions. Nobody owes anybody an explanation, but I still think this was an eye-opening trending hashtag and I'd like to hope that it'll help spread awareness. 

What have you been reading lately? 

P.S. I'm always, always, always on the hunt to read new blogs, so leave your favorites in the comments below. Or self-promote! Nothing wrong with flaunting your own content!


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