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Because I'm Too... Blonde?

There are times where I want to dress a little bit crazy. I like big, ruffled sleeves and heeled mules and putting on clothes that perhaps a majority of other people wouldn't want to wear. I was telling a friend this weekend, whilst shopping in Zara and eyeing this absolute monstrosity of a sweatshirt, that sometimes I can't tell if I like something because I think it's cool and I would wear it or if it's because I find it so ugly that I am fascinated by it and want it. The best way to describe it is that it looked like a western alpaca and I can almost guarantee that few humans would want to rock that sweatshirt. And yet, I was tempted by it.

Was it because I liked it? Or because it was so novelty that I thought it would be funny and I would stand out?

Sometimes, I just want to keep it simple. Creating outfits is exhausting. How often do you hear your favorite fashion bloggers talking about how they feel burnt out when it comes to choosing outfits or that they're in a style rut? Leandra Medine has openly discussed this, both on the Man Repeller website and also in her Monocycle podcast.

It's entirely okay to dress however you want to dress. If you want to wear a sweater that says your hair color on it (even if I lowkey did want the Ginger sweater because the macaroni and cheese orange color of the sweater was tempting) and a pair of ripped jeans with sneakers, by all means. If you want to wear a dramatically ruffled blouse in a lilac shade underneath a black pinafore with three buttons down the front with a pair of fishnet tights underneath tucked into Jeffrey Campbell Lolita heels, go for it. Truly, your style is your style for a reason. It doesn't need to fit one mold, one mood, or one occasion. If you're feeling casual, embrace the casual. If you feel like creating a unique, one of a kind outfit, let your freak flag fly, my friends!

Sweater:  Zara | Jeans: Levi's | Sneakers: Steve Madden | Glasses: Prada | Bag: Saint Laurent


  1. This looks to be quite nice and humble get up, not all girls looks good in blonde but if you’re then you got to be proud of and make it printed on your shirt. Nice post and beautiful pictures!

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