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What I'm Packing For New York City

I think my secret underlying hope for writing this blog post was that it would be my guide for packing my suitcase. I'm a notorious last minute (and also, in my mom's opinion, an atrocious) packer and never know what to bring with me, especially to New York. It sounds silly, but one does not pack their shoddiest outfits to prance around New York in. No, I must dress to impress myself. It's the one place I can finally wear all of the things that my heart desires without sticking out like a sore thumb (case in point: that one time I wore my hunter green furry atrocity of a bomber jacket and did not stop receiving strange looks all day in Cleveland).

I digress, this post did not accomplish what I wanted it to. I think these are three of the many pieces that are going to come with me. I mean, in theory, I could be bringing them, or I could bring completely different options. It wouldn't surprise me if I did. On the other hand, it also wouldn't surprise me if I completely changed my mind and scrapped all of the current outfit ideas I have right now. In conclusion: I have no idea what is coming and what is going and considering I leave in about twenty-four hours, it's probably something that I should have somewhat sorted out by now.

It's easy to tell myself that if I feel like I'm missing something or have forgotten something, I can always buy something new. That mentality is probably the root of both my spending issue and inability to save money for the life of me. However, the goal is not to do that this time! But is it truly possible to not shop when you're visiting New York? Also, when will I ever be able to stop saying that I'm visiting? Insert the gif of Judge Judy tapping her watch right

There's strategy behind packing with limited space. I mean, naturally, there has to be room for the essentials. I need toiletries so I can make sure that I have clean body and hair that doesn't look like it can grease a pan to fry eggs on. Then there are the electronics, which this time includes a laptop (and charging cord) and a DSLR camera. Then, of course, comes my bag of choice (most likely the Saint Laurent Baby Monogram bag because I love not being able to carry anything around), sunglasses (which will be chosen after the outfits are chosen), and the book that will not entertain me the entire bus ride but I will pretend it will.

Clothes...clothes are always the hardest part. I love having my full closet in front of me. I am not a fan of living out of suitcases. I don't have a lot of "stuff" or belongings, but I do have a lot of clothes and I always feel like I'm super limited with my options when I don't have a full array of pieces to choose from. No matter how packed and jammed my suitcase is, I'll still feel like there's something missing that I should've bought.

This weather is, admittedly, also tripping me up. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're overheating in a city that is already crowded AF. But then comes to fear of being too cold and worrying about the nips being out. Sorry guys, TMI, but as a non-bra wearer, this is a legitimate concern. Since this weather has been so up and down, I'm just going to have to back for hot and cold and just pray that it's enough. If not, Zara always exists, rig–JUST KIDDING, NO SHOPPING!

Along the lines of packing, I also need some advice. Next week I'm traveling for a week with just a carry-on and I need some tips! I really should not be trying to pack for a wedding with just a carry-on bag and my personal item and yet, here I am, trying to accomplish just that. Do I need packing cubes? Will I be able to successfully repack in Cali? Any and all tips would be very much appreciated!


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