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Y'all, not to complain, but I'm going to complain about the one thing that we all have a common annoyance towards at the moment: 80-degree temperature at the end of September. It is almost October and I was sweating bullets out of every single possible crevice of my body yesterday. I haven't sweat in these places since the last time I played softball in 90-degree heat, which is honestly equivalent to what hell probably feels like. My entire body was coated with a thick layer of sweat and  I just felt like a gross, sweaty human the entire day.

Top: Zara | Shorts: DIY | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Saint Laurent | Sunglasses: Quay
Worth it, though, because I finally got to wander around SoHo. Y'all, I've been all around SoHo but never actually in SoHo. I meant to go the last time I was in New York but I was pressed for time after a trip uptown and the weather started to get yucky by the time I was back in Chelsea and I just didn't feel like getting rained on if I traveled any further downtown.

The SoHo drought has ended though! Some shopping was done, some pizza was consumed, and some knees were made sore. I forgot I had bad knees until I stopped walking when we (my friend Maddie and me, probably should specify that now before I go on and on about we this and we that) got back to the apartment and sat down. They're ACHING I tell ya. Not digging it, but such is the life of an ex-softball pitcher who had two rounds of physical therapy during her four years of high school.

Truth be told, this was the side of a Barber shop but it seemed perfectly timed that we walk by it the day before we see Sir Harry Styles himself. I'm a big fan of wall art and loved how many paintings had popped up on the side of buildings in Cleveland by the time I left it in the spring. Obviously, New York City is brimming with wall art and it would've been silly for me to stop and take a picture of every single one I saw (though it wouldn't surprise me if I had tried).


From SoHo, we decided, well, since we're only a few stops away from Brooklyn, why not just...go? We really just went to wander around and not for any specific reason. We ended up sticking around the Williamsburg area because we were getting tired and just wanted to get a taste of Brooklyn *Danny O'Donogue from The Script voice* for the first time. We ended up in Muji, which was the most relaxing store in the entire world and I genuinely would like to move in ASAP. Then we ended up down by the water and sat for a while because (1) exhausted and (2) pretty view of the skyline before the sunset!

Then, as I said, we promptly got back to the apartment, ordered takeout, and literally just lounged until it was time to sleep.


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