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1. How to Understand Your Analytics We can glance at our analytics for as long as we want to see the super basics of them, but you can learn a lot when you delve a little deeper, below the surface of just pageviews and visitors. You can learn a lot about your readers and what content they prefer (and tons of other things) through Google Analytics and this post really lays some out for you without being overwhelming.

2. What I Wish I Knew My First Summer Post-College This is one of the first articles that I've ever read where I had to sit back, take a moment to collect myself and accept the fact this is my life summed up into one Man Repeller post. It's no secret that this summer has been rough on the good ole ego. I tend to do exactly what #4 said not to do: compare trajectories of friends, peers, and random people who pop up on my timeline.

3. Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue’s Refashionista I went from reading Teen Vogue in my early high school days for the cover stars to reading it for my truthful political coverage. Welteroth's transformation of this magazine this year has been undeniably fantastic. It's beyond the political coverage. The scope of their content has expanded, including race and gendered issues that would no doubt be ignored by a high fashion magazine.

I think in general, magazines haven't strayed from getting "too political" this year, but Teen Vogue took it to the next level. They have some really fantastic writers (not to be that girl, but come on, Lauren Duca deserves an MVP medal) and Welteroth is doing greats think with her position as Editor in Chief.

4. 10 Things You Can Do To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims I don't need to tell you what Hurricane Harvey is or why it's imperative to help if you are able to (if you aren't, spread the word!). Alicia lays out ten places that you can donate your time or money to in order to help victims of Harvey.

5. I Dressed Like My High School Self for a Week This just made me all around happy. It's fun to look back at what you wore during unfortunate fashion periods. I wish I had more pictures of my dress down day clothes (#PrivateSchoolProbs) to truly show how atrocious my style was. I can remember it all vividly, as much as I wish I didn't. Stiff skinny jeans from Pac Sun because jeggings didn't quite exist yet. Abercrombie or Hollister t shirt from the clearance section because affording the full priced thing was not an option. Then there'd always been a Hollister zip-up sweatshirt with that dumb seagull on it. Luckily that only lasted my first two years of high school. I got a pair of riding boots junior year and my life and fashion changed after that. #Hallelujah

6. The Print Everyone Will Be Wearing This Fall I'm seeing this business person plaid print everywhere. It's on Zara when I browse, Nasty Gal, the Who Wear What collection at Target. It's inescapable. It makes me think of my mom for some reason, though I cannot confirm whether or not she owned a suit with his print. This print goes beyond suits and trousers though, it's on skirts, bomber jackets, corseted blouses. A long line blazer in this print would feel so Celine, I love it!

7. Why I Hate The In-Between Season This August has been freezing compared to the rest of summer. Actually, this summer is general has been pretty mild which is slightly disappointing. Mostly, though, it just makes everything so confusing. What are you supposed to wear? It's cool in the morning, scorching in the afternoon, and cool again in the evening. Or, it's cold but it's still August so your wardrobe still feels limited based on seasonal fashion expectations. This is an annoying time of year to dress, so, best of luck to everyone!

8. How to Make Creative Instagram Story Videos Carly always seems to be doing super interesting things with her blog. As soon as she started switching up her Instagram stories, I was lowkey hoping that she would do a post on it!


  1. About to dive into the Elaine Welteroth piece. Thanks for the roundup!

  2. Ah, the in-between season! Haha! Just going out to the car this morning, it was freezing, but then it warmed up a not ready for the "awkwardness" of the weather!

    1. Ughhhh, can the awkward weather just end now please?


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