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Five Must Have Shoes To Transition Into Fall

I kid you not when I started my junior year of college, I only had six pairs of shoes that I would wear on the regular: brown riding boots, black riding boots, black suede boots, black leather cut-out booties, black braided-thong sandals, and gray quilted slide-on sneakers. Six boring pairs of shoes to wear to classes and work. How, you might ask? I have absolutely no idea. I went through a phase where I just hated shoes and then one day, I snapped, caved and bought a few pairs of shoes, then a few more, and now I have trouble stopping the overflow of shoes lined up at the top and bottom of my closet. 

Some shoes are troublesome to style all year long. Certain shoes only go with certain looks. You might only get a few outfits out of a pair of heavily embellished stiletto heels that paired nicely with a dress you needed to wear for a special occasion. However, I'd like to think that these five shoes (or at least four out of the five) can fit seamlessly into whichever fashion mood you're in that day.


You've seen mules on every single fashion blogger's feet that you follow on Instagram for a reason. Who doesn't love the ease of sliding a shoe on your foot like you'd slip on a pair of slippers? I prefer an open toed mule myself, but you also totally have the option of the closed toe mules (think the typical backless Gucci loafer with dozens upon dozens of lower end replicas) for when the fall weather truly hits and you don't want your toes out any longer. 

Black ankle boots

Leather, suede, Chelsea style, heeled, flat, there are so many types of black ankle boots out in the world that you have your top pick of what you want in a black ankle boot. I can guarantee there will be a brand that makes your dream black bootie, you just might have to search for it. Off the top of my head, there is not a single everyday look that wouldn't go with a black ankle boot. When in doubt, pair it with a black ankle boot. I mean, look at my Instagram from early 2016, every single outfit photo is taken wearing the same pair of Nine West suede booties that have subsequently died because I wore them so much that I busted through the toe on both shoes.

Block heeled pumps

Trust me on this one. Ever feel like you need something a little nicer than plain flats but don't want to wear sky high stilettos? Lo and behold the block heeled pump. These look much chicer than you would think. A pointed toe block heel might seem dated, but you've seen bloggers style the Chanel two-tone cap-toe slingbacks and pumps all over your Instagram and they look chic AF. You can do that too! I think they look great with a pair of tailored trousers or even a pair of distressed denim, whether they're slashed up the leg or have a raw hem to them.


Do I even need to make an argument for why a pair of sneakers deserve a spot in your wardrobe? I'm not talking a random pair of neon running sneakers that you bought right after New Year's to fulfill your resolution of working out every day. The most basic of basic would be a pair of Adidas kicks, but there are a ton of options out there for you to choose from that are less masculine (Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, H&M, Betsey Johnson, Alice + Olivia...the list goes on and on). Literally, wear these with anything. Jeans, culottes, skirts, dresses, the possibilities are endless.

Statement boots

This is one of those wildcard picks that somewhat goes against my sentiment that all of these shoes go with all kind of outfits. In defense of statement boots, they spice up a plain outfit. They might not pair well with a crazy outfit choice (though, my fashion style inspo Megan Ellaby would most likely disagree and has proved this wrong time and time again on her blog), but they'll make any jeans and t-shirt combo that much more interesting.

What are your go to shoes for the transition from summer to fall? 


  1. I love all of your shoes in your closet because they are the BEST


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