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Seven Things I Can't Resist Spending Money On

My life is just one big contradiction after the next. I'm trying to justify purchases while also trying to save money also while admitting that there is a whole slew of things that I have a very difficult time saying no to. Just trying to keep it real on here. 

I am trying to save money, but I also do believe in being able to treat yourself if the bank account allows it. I feel very lucky that I can resist spending my entire savings on handbags that have the potential to bankrupt me. My weaknesses when it comes to shopping are fairly innocent. I mean, how embarrassing would it be if I bankrupted myself from buying too many coffees? I mean, I could see it happening know what, let's just dive into the seven things I hate about you that will always get the best of me when it comes to shopping.


Any time Target switches their dollar section to match the holidays or season, I buy at least one, if not multiple, sets of pens. I can't say no. I look those pens in the eyes and let them know that they're coming back to a good home. Again, this all comes back to the fact that most of everything I do is digital, so why do I need so many writing utensils?!


I don't know what it is about a good notebook that just speaks to me, but I can resist a fresh college-ruled spiral bound notebook to add to my heinously large collection. No human being out of college who does most of her work digitally needs as many notebooks as I managed to accumulate. I luckily was able to recycle quite a large chunk of them when I moved out of my apartment, which only gives me more of a reason to replace them all while I'm living at home. It's a sickness, I tell you. A sickness!


I'll fully admit it: I'm a mugaholic. I buy and own too many mugs. My obsession got so bad that I was no longer able to store all of my mugs in the cabinet in the kitchen and had to hide them around my room and use them as pencil holders so they got to serve some purpose. My roommate would physically have to pull me away from the mugs at Target. Every Sunday she'd remind me that we had no room for new mugs and that I had plenty of mugs to love at home. But it just never felt like enough...


If my friend–hell, if anybody who wasn't a cat-calling skeezy male– asked me to get a margarita and I had an Uber driver or ride, I would without a doubt say yes. And make it a double! Turning 21 gave me the freedom of being able to enjoy margaritas whenever, wherever, however. On the rocks? Sure. Blended? Let's mix it up! Even if the SkinnyGirl margarita crap made me nauseous, you can bet your booty that I'd still be drinking that sans a glass if it came down to it. Y'all, margaritas are my kryptonite. Or like, my worst nightmare and enemy. I still haven't decided. 

Funny story about margaritas: my friends and I would regularly hit up Barrio, the most glorious taco place to exist in Cleveland with even more glorious queso and the most glorious margaritas. One margarita never seemed like enough, but two was definitely the magic number. One night, it was just me and my roommate and we decided that we wanted to see what happened when we passed the two margarita threshold. Two was our happy number. We'd be a little giggly, but could still pretty much function in society, just a little more loudly.

In our heads, three margaritas were going to be a breakthrough. We were going to discover a new dimension after three. Instead, we discovered that three ended up being way too much sugar and make your teeth ache and stomach bloat. It was a mess and we vowed never to do that to ourselves again.

Also, like, don't drink margaritas or any alcohol if you're not 21 (or 19 in Canada and 18 literally everywhere else) because that's illegal and not cool. 


My bios will forever read "I don't know what my blood type is, but I'm assuming it's coffee." I don't even think I need to elaborate on this one. My entire blog might as well be a love letter to coffee and Harry Styles.


I don't even need to tell y'all that I'm obsessed with lipstick and would put a lipstick budget over a grocery budget if it came down to it. I'm pretty transparent in the fact that my lipstick collection tallies to around $2,000, which is a disgusting amount of money to spend on any collection of something so minuscule. I actually created an entire Excel spreadsheet with each brand and finish, how many tubes, and estimated costs. It was the first time I ever used Excel for anything besides updating the customer database at work. I even Googled formulas to use that would do all of the math for me. A notorious hater of math (and also a notable failure when it comes to mathematics), I allowed it to be on my side, just this once.


To this day, two brothers that I used to babysit years and years ago ask me if I'm still picking up my bibles. I used to take them to Barnes & Noble with me occasionally while we got drinks and I got my magazines for the month. I could easily drop $50 on magazines every month, if not more. Will I ever read them all? No, of course not. I have at least six copies of Porter that I haven't had time to read in the past year (that's a lie, I had time, I just chose not to utilize it well). But I liked knowing I had these magazines just in case. Just like why I decided to keep all of my magazines that I've ever owned for the past decade (sans the large stacks I had to throw out when I was moving out) just in case I need a Teen Vogue from 2007.

What's one thing you can't resist buying, even if you tried?


  1. O coffee, haha! You just can't brew it and make it taste the same at home!

    1. Noooo, definitely not! It's just not the same!!! Especially when it comes to espresso drinks!!!

  2. This post was a personal attack on all of my shopping/buying impulses.

    1. Hahaha, girllll it's all good. At least you know you're not alone in the impulse shopping department hahaha.

  3. I can't help spending money on coffees and magazines. Surprise, surprise ;)

    1. The worst is when you can get them both in the same place...a dangerous combo

  4. Makeup for sure...I can't refuse Makeup! LOL

    1. UGH, few things beat adding some new products to the collection, totally agree.

  5. This is my favorite post you've ever written. I agree with the mugs (everyone says I have enough and I disagree) and magazines...must resist!!


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