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Despite Sundays being "off-days" on my blog now, I didn't want to lose the spirit of my Good Reads posts, so I figured I'd sprinkle them in from time to time because it's fun to share some awesome posts from everyone else every once in a while.

1. What To Say Instead Of "You're Not Fat" I think this is a really interesting concept for an article and something that I struggle with when talking day-to-day with friends or customers back when I was working retail. The idea of "you're not fat, you're beautiful" is a really strange way to respond to someone's comments about themselves. That correlation would assume that fat = ugly and thin = beautiful and that's just not the reality of the situation. I highly recommend reading the entire article, but the key, as author Kelsey Miller points out, is to respond to their feelings, not their bodies.

2. How You Can Get Therapy from the Comfort of Your Own Home I think I told Jessica this on every single platform I probably could, but I cannot believe I didn't know an online tool like TranQool existed when I needed it the most my last two years of college. Jessica explains it more in the post with more details and what not, but essentially, TranQool offers video-chat therapy sessions. I don't know about anyone else, but the idea of talking to someone is great, but the actual act of finding someone and meeting them in person to talk it out gives me anxiety on top of the anxiety that I'd want to talk about in the first place. I think the aspect of virtual conversations is great for people who might be nervous about talking in person with someone to start with or for people who don't have easy access to therapists and doctors.

3. Flatlay Props I don't attempt flatlay photos on my blog for a reason. I can't do them. No matter how hard I try, they always come out like trash. Thankfully, Laura has decided to round up five tips to share on what props make the best additions to flatlay photos to add extra flair and dimensions. I mean, how incredible is that all pink and rose gold example photo?

4. Chatting With Hannah Orenstein at I follow Hannah on social media and she's just all around fabulous and hilarious. This was a really interesting article and interview that was super inspiring without being insanely intimidating. You know those times when you're reading about people's accomplishments and past jobs and what not and you get a little self-conscious and you think, "Crap, I haven't done any of that. Am I worthless?" This doesn't make you feel like that. You just feel proud that she's done all of these things on her journey to Seventeen. The author, Heather Taylor, asked some really great question and I think it just turned into an all around great read.

5. The Persistent Fantasy of the Fashion Magazine Job I still have yet to talk about The Bold Type on my blog because I'm still trying to form my opinion on it. This is a longer read, but completely and entirely worth it, especially if you're even slightly interested in the magazine and women's fashion magazine industry. It inserts really interesting historical tidbits of your favorite (or maybe not so favorite) magazines and past EICs,

6. My Code of Conduct I'm not sure if any of you watch Lydia Millen or follow her on social media (I highly recommend it if you don't, she creates really gorgeous content and is all around just the sweetest), but for the past few months, if not longer, she's been getting a lot of really unnecessary hate for being transparent with her viewers, which makes no sense to me. People don't like when influencers they watch hide partnerships or ads, but when they fully disclose that a post is sponsored and that there are affiliate links but all opinions still remain their own, all hell breaks loose. I think Lydia addressed this perfectly in this post, even if she didn't have to. What do you think about the idea of sponsored posts or affiliate links? I'm always curious!

7. My Favorite Fashion Student Discounts How could I not include a post that included one of my favorite things: discounts. I didn't know any of these places had student discounts besides Madewell, so this was a pleasant surprise. I mean, I'm not a student anymore...but I do still have my ID...and student e-mail...ANYWAYS. Take a peek to see if you like any of these stores and can utilize their student discounts for yourself!

8. How to Style Sneakers If You Think You Hate Sneakers Um, was this not me like, six months ago? I'm sure plenty of reasons went into this, but the author Claire says this that rings true for me as well: "My issue with sneakers may be due to my complicated relationship with my legs; I think they look better in platform sandals and maxi skirts than anything else." I tend to wear heels to elevate my height and make my legs look longer and slimmer. It's a weird force of habit and I think the ideas of sneakers being flat freaked me out. But hey, I bought two pairs and I love styling them now so, you know, #CharacterGrowth.

9. The One Print I Can't Stop Wearing I feel Chriselle on this one. I mean, okay, I own one shirt with micro polka dots on it but it's one of the oldest pieces in my wardrobe for a reason, right? It's just such a chic pattern and it's really fun to mix and match with other prints and different "moods." I wear mine with black trousers to make it feel more professional, but I also pair it under a varsity sweaters and wear them with my truly heinous DIY ripped Levi's jeans that I've worn nearly to death (there's a hole in the butt, but if I wear a sweater long enough it covers it).

10. Italy Outfits I think that Lizzy's "Shot on Film" series is so interesting. First things first, her style is incredible and I love the outfits that she puts together on a daily basis. They're fantastic. But back to this series that she has on her blog. You don't see a lot of film on fashion blogs. Everything is usually very in focus, very smooth, high quality, few imperfections. I love that she includes these grainy (I mean, they're not insanely grain but they've got a bit of grit to them that makes them interesting) photos of her outfits. It just shows off her creativity and the different facets of her style and blogging technique.

11. Blogger Tips: A Blogger’s Security Blanket This was such a real post. I mean, I'm sure we all do things that make us more comfortable in our day to day blogging needs. I completely agree with Dana, I always wear sunglasses when I'm shooting because I don't have to worry about what my eyes are doing. I tried doing a shoot without them the other week and I had to stop and scrap it because I could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. It wasn't sunny, but it was very bright outside and my eyes were closed in all 50 of the shots we got. At least I know now!

What have you been reading lately?


  1. Great list of reads Francesca!! The idea of having to find a therapist and talking to them in person gives me anxiety as well hahaha, it's definitely way less scary talking to someone through webcam!


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