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Dream Closet, Vol. 32

I have to admit, this is one of the weirder editions of the series that I will never let die. I don't know what came over me during my monthly scroll through Net-A-Porter (another day more might just lead me to doomsday...also known as the moment I snap and make an order that will not help my financial standing). I just had a passion for slightly strange fashion and I have no regrets. Mostly because I made absolutely zero decisions and spent no money in the making of this post.

Altuzarra sweater: I hate red. Like, hate it hate it. My uniform in middle school was a bright red polo with a red and black plaid skirt. It was awful. Not only does red not look good on me (red lipstick aside, I'd like to think that suits me), but I just have middle school flashbacks when I wear it.

Y/Project jeans: I'm just fascinated by these jeans that seem to have inside out denim attached at the knees in a tiered formation??? I don't get them yet I love them like they're my own child?

Balmain boots: These boots are clunky and so not my style while also somehow simultaneously being my style? I don't know man, but they're cool as heck and I would love to stomp around in these suckers during the fall.

Gucci top and skirt and Aquazzura boots: I know the two Gucci pieces probably already go together (or maybe not?), but why do I want to throw in these red Aquazzura boots? Why am I so attracted to this look? Why so much red?!

Fendi sunglasses: Because who doesn't love a clear pastel statement pair of sunglasses?

Mercedes Salazar earrings: These earrings look so painfully heavy, but are also beautiful tropical gardens in earring form so I'd assume that they're worth any pain from the weight.

MGSM dress: Hello, punk rock prom girl from 2007. I feel like Avril Lavigne would've worn this exact dress during her "Girlfriend" era. Honestly, can someone bring up the old photos? I think she did.

Alexander Wang bag: This bag is completely impractical and not something I would every carry yet I'm obsessed with its structure.


  1. Love all of the items in your dream closet! I'm really loving tweed skirts so I think that Gucci skirt would be in my dream closet as well!

    1. I cannot wait to break my tweed skirts back out this fall. Gucci is just killing it still!!

  2. Omg that dress is totally old school Avril hahaha!

    1. I swear, she has definitely worn that exact dress at some point during her career.


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