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Independent Artists Infinitely More Talented Than Me

I can draw approximately two things: a stick figure and a snail. That's the extent of my artistic ability. I never excelled when it came to drawing and painting or really anything that required some sort of element of visual art. I just...I can't do it. I don't possess the talent to do so. Because of this complete lack of skill, I am generally pretty awestruck by the fact that humans are capable of creating such beautiful things.

I think I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that when I move into my next apartment, I really want to fill it with works from independent artists, whether it's drawings, paintings, elements of graphic design, it doesn't really matter. I've been searching around for my favorites and bookmarking them as I go along. So far, these are some that I've found that I'm really itching to buy something from (or might already have). Also, they're all bada$$ women, so that's pretty darn cool too.

1. Shop RWD

This is Rachel Whitehurst's Etsy store. She was one of my favorite YouTubers but has since discontinued her video series. Still, I follow her along on social media and had a little bit of a moment when I saw that she was finally launching her Etsy store. There are no items listed at the time I'm posting this, but if you want to know when she's restocking, I would follow her on social media to check it out!

What does she sell? Watercolor paintings, bookmarks, magnets, coasters, etc.

2. Snazzy Starlight

Are you familiar with synesthesia? If not, in its most basic sense, it is when the body produces an involuntary sense as a result of an action, or a crossing of senses. In the case of Abel, the girl behind her synesthesia art, when she listens to music she sees colors. She paints "songs" essentially, which I think is the most incredible thing in this entire world. Each of her paintings are swirlings of colors reflective of what she sees when she listens to songs. She had pre-made song options to choose from, but you are also able to request songs for her to paint. Even saying that out loud sounds so insanely cool. I'm still deciding which songs I want to get and what song I would request. Actually, I think I know which one already...

What does she sell? Premade and custom abstract paintings of songs on acrylic paper or canvas

3. Ashlyn

I already have one of Ashlyn's paintings (I was the lucky gal who bought "Sweet Creature"), but still, doesn't mean I wouldn't want more! I love getting behind the scene snaps of her new paintings. She just got back home, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more paintings on her Instagram up for sale. I believe that she's mentioned that she wants to start selling other products so...keep your eyes peeled!

What does she sell? Currently, paintings on canvas

4. Madeline Rose

I don't remember how I stumbled upon Madeline's Instagram, which eventually led me to her website, but I'm not going to question how or why I found it. Madeline is a Cleveland artist, which gets an automatic thumbs up from me. She has a lot of different options on her website of art mediums and even within those options, there's a lot of visual diversity too. There are more colorful and delicate paintings and there's also edgier drawings. I really like the balance she's created within her art. I think it provides a lot of options for everyone.

What does she sell? Paintings and painting prints, drawings and drawing prints, collages, and more!

* * * * * 
And that's all she wrote! I'm definitely always keeping my eyes open for more, so perhaps I'll need to do a part two to this post somewhere down the line. If you're at all interested in art or aesthetics, maybe you'll dig some of their stuff.

Who are your favorite independent artists?


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