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I Just Keep On Coming Back to You | A July Playlist

My July playlist seems a lot shorter than it's been the past few months. I'm assuming this has to do with quite a few things. First thing, I've been unironically listening to "Strip That Down" and "Get Low" by Liam Payne for the entirety of the month. I pretty much do all things with music on, but there have definitely been times where I've been sitting in silence because I couldn't find music to match my mood. What the fork, right?! When do I ever do things in silence?

I digress, I've also been listening to the radio a lot more. Really, it's just because when I switch between my car and my uncle's car when I'm babysitting, I don't bring my aux cord with me and I'm stuck flipping through radio stations until I find either "Castle on the Hill" or "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" because I swear to god, those songs are on the radio at all times, one way or another. I'm okay with it, really, because they're great songs, but there's a noticeable lack of musical diversity there.

It's taken two months, but I've finally slowed out of my constant looping of Harry Styles' debut album. I actually have an offline playlist on Spotify dedicated to Haim's new album, but it seemed a bit weird to include all of those songs on this playlist, but just know that I've spent many of my drives on gorgeous sunny days with my windows rolled down listening to Haim.

What have you been listening to this month?


  1. I've been listening to Back To You and Praying SO much this month. I'm pretty sure Back To You is most most streamed song!

  2. Ah, I see Lord Huron on your playlist - I LOVE them! I've been listening to OneRepublic and James Arthur a lot recently!

    Carrie |

  3. Wow. All tracks are wonderful and I believe that listening these all, I will be able to have a good weekend.

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