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Dream Closet, Vol. 31

This is one of those blog series that I just don't want to let die as I start to make some changes around here. It's mostly because it gives me an excuse to look at all of Net-A-Porter's new arrivals because other than these posts, I have absolutely no business looking anywhere on that website for anything. How can I resist lusting towards these fabulous high-end items? There are so many gorgeous pieces out there and I am in tune with reality enough to know that these items would be a dream to have but I'm nowhere near reaching those unrealistic #ClosetGoals.

Anyways, these seems like a fun way to round out this week of blog posts before I take my break for the weekend. Did I mention last week how much of a relief I felt not having to wake up on Saturday and Sunday and rush to put a blog post together? This is actually the only post this week that I'm not writing ahead of time because, well, I actually don't know. I think I've just been really tired and in order to do this post, I need my old Macbook with Photoshop on it and this computer basically has to remain my desktop computer because it's heavy and the battery is absolute CRAP (aka it needs to be serviced but I'm cheap AF and I don't want to drive 40 minutes to the Apple Store when I only use this computer to edit photos). I digress, no big deal. Let's get into my 31st dream closet!

I think I could say, with confidence, that my dream closet could easily be filled to the brim with Gucci (with a sprinkling of Saint Laurent). I have to make a conscious effort when doing these posts to not just fill them with all of the Gucci new arrivals. I kept it to just this geometric printed dress that is so 60s that it hurts.

The embellished cold shoulder on that Christopher Kane sweatshirt gives me life. There was a similar one in black but I thought, you know what, I'm going to hypothetically step out of my all black comfort zone and put something grey on here. Plus, the embellishments on the grey sweatshirt were much more bright and fun and reminded me of both Fruit Pebbles and a tropical bird. 

Sorry for the Chloe sweater. Y'all know how much I adore fall and honestly, this summer is killing me. It is so hot and humid all the time that I feel like I'm drowning. Plus, I miss pumpkin, okay? I MISS PUMPKIN.

Sorry again for the Acne scarf, but the COLORS. THE COLORS GUYS!!!!!

Sorry again for the Balmain jacket. I'm out of excuses, really. I just love fall and fall weather and fall clothes and I also have a huge soft spot for aviator jackets with shearling lining. They're one of my many weaknesses. 

Here we go, a little dose of summer back into everything. This Marni tambourine bag is absolutely precious and I just want to mindlessly tap the sides of it while I wander around. I love the shape, the soft pink color, the contrasting black strap, everything.

As for those Gianvito Rossi bow-embellished slides, they're just such a beautiful shade of gold. Not too yellow, not too pale. As much as I love my heels, I do like a nice interesting flat every once in a while!

And last but not least, these metallic silver Fendi boots. I just love how they have those "sock" inserts in the side that it makes you look like you're wearing some old school striped socks. It's a funny little touch and I love it!

What would be in your dream closet?


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