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1. InStyle magazine

I went through a really long phase where I just wasn't buying InStyle. I wasn't into the articles, wasn't really into the layout. I'd even pass over issues with cover stars that I liked because I knew the magazine might sit there. I'm fairly picky about the magazines I read (I will admit I've stopped reading Vogue *gasp*) and what I spend my time and money on. I tend to prefer online content over articles anyways, but since Laura Brown took over as the EIC, everything has changed.

I used to watch Laura Brown in those Harper's Bazaar The Look videos and fell in love with her charm (akin to Alexa Chung's, in my opinion). When it was announced that she was taking over as EIC, I got absolutely stoked. Even if Emily Ratajkowski wasn't on the cover, that magazine would've been in my hands regardless. The next month's cover was Victoria Beckham, which I bought immediately. I skipped May for ~ reasons~ but I was at it again this month for Karlie Kloss' issue. I don't remember that last time that I've had a magazine where I don't skip a single article. I read each front to back, devouring every bit of information that I could. I'm really excited to see which direction InStyle continues to go!

2. "Strip That Down" by Liam Payne

I love Liam Payne with my whole heart, let's just get that out of the way. I think he's a supremely talented young fella who I just want to wrap my arms around and squeeze. Just a little. Nothing too aggressive. He released his long awaited debut single "Strip That Down" a couple of weeks ago and it's changed my dancing game. I want to listen to this song every second of the day. Honestly, I listen to it every single time I'm in the car. I start off with my windows down, scroll down to the S selection in my songs and tap on this tune immediately. This is exactly the kind of debut single I would've expected from him and I'm really eager to hear what's next from this handsome, talented man.

3. Zara striped culottes 

I bought these on a whim in what I thought were going to be a size too large. Honestly, guys, just ignore the letters and numbers in Zara sizing and try on what you think might fit. Everything there makes zero sense and means nothing. I think I've talked about this on the blog before but like, sizing is so varied in so many brands that we can't attach ourselves to letters and numbers that are just arbitrary anyways. I DIGRESS, I tried these on because I don't have any pants like this and I fell in love. They look good with t-shirts, sweaters, most likely with a cool structured blouse (still working on getting one of those). They look good with booties, mules, sneakers. They're just a really versatile pair of pants that are uber comfortable. What more could you want?

4. 2017 NBA Finals

Oh, how did that picture from the Cavaliers' championship parade from last year get there? ;) Look, I'm always rooting for my Cleveland teams. I have been long before I went to college there, so it's only fair that I'm 100% rooting for the Cavs tonight as they take on Golden State for the third year in a row in the NBA Finals. I'm hoping for a back-to-back championship for my Cavs!


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