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The Perfect Lazy Summer Day (featuring Hask)

Picture this, okay: you wake up to your alarm, snooze for twenty to thirty minutes while you mentally discuss with yourself how comfortable your mattress is and how nice it is to lounge in bed. You roll over, pick up your phone, and spend god knows how long scrolling through social media to catch up on everything you missed since you went asleep the night before (it's surprisingly more than you would think). Well, at least if you're looking at Twitter or Tumblr. Good luck finding anything chronologically with the Facebook and Instagram algorithms...

You slowly crawl out of bed, walking at a leisurely pace to the kitchen so you can grace your lips with the presence of your morning coffee. Is it iced? Is it hot? Who cares, it's coffee, that's all that matters. You take the time to drink your coffee while you do something you never have time for, whether it's catching up on TV or really dedicating time to Instagram so you can make sure you didn't miss anything with that STUPID ALGORITHM. *deep breath*

You have nothing really on the agenda today. You could stay home and do absolutely nothing, or you could run mindless errands and then come back home and do nothing. Really, the whole ideal aspect of a lazy day is the overwhelming amount of nothingness that you have to tend to. It's not a lazy day if you have work to do or some place to go. The only people that you should be seeing are the characters of your favorite TV show that you've been trying to binge watch for the past year but haven't had the time to finish.

Since you've given yourself the benefit of the doubt, you decide to do a little grooming just to make yourself feel better. You wash and cleanse your face, maybe use a bit of a toner before you slather on your favorite moisturizer. No makeup is necessary, just a nice clean face to avoid your skin feeling oily and dirty. Next comes the hair. You didn't wash it the night before because you knew you were doing nothing, but your roots are starting to darken from the oil. It's no problem that dry shampoo can't solve.

You grab your favorite, the Hask Chia Seed Volumizing Dry Shampoo, and shake it gently. You take your hair and begin parting it left and right, spritzing in the lightly floral scented dry shampoo wherever your hair desperately needs some of the oils absorbed. You give it a minute or so to set in so it can really absorb the oils gathering at your roots. Then, you take the tips of your fingers and give your scalp a good rub until the faint powdery appearance has dissipated, leaving your hair looking clean and bouncy. It's really that simple, and you're left with oil-free and volumized hair all day (seriously, all day). You can even use it when your hair isn't oily or dirty for some extra body at your roots.

Now that your hair is sorted out, the rest of the days' possibilities are can lounge and chill and relax all you want. Perhaps you run to Target to pick up things that weren't even necessary in the first place. Or maybe you run to Ulta to pick up the remaining three scents of the Hask dry shampoos. Or, more accurately, you sit on the couch or in your bed all day, only leaving your comfortable position for more snacks and water.

We all deserve those lazy days every once in a while. They keep us sane, right?

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