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Must-Haves for a Summer Wardrobe

Summer is nearly upon on us so you know what that means...we're gonna be sweating our booties off. It also means that we need to adjust our wardrobe a little to avoid wanting to pass out in the sweltering heat! I find it super difficult to dress during the summertime, but there's definitely a few pieces that I couldn't live without during this time of year.

1. A pair of denim shorts

They can be high-waisted, they can be distressed, they can be light, medium, or dark wash. Whatever style suits you, your body type, and your wardrobe the best will do! These are like the "nice leggings" of the summer. You have your athletic running shorts to take place of sweatpants on a hot day when you need to run out the door for errands and then you have your denim shorts that are a tiny bit more presentable but are still comfortable and take two seconds to throw on with a t-shirt or tank top and a pair of sandals.

2. White leather sneakers

My Steve Madden sneakers changed my life. Who would I be without those sneakers? When in doubt, throw on a pair of white low top sneakers and go on with your day. I wear mine with dresses, shorts, leggings, jeans, anything really. Whatever look calls for sneakers, these ones do the trick. Remember when I thought that I wasn't cool enough to wear sneakers and took two years of talking about sneakers to finally buy a pair? Times were different...

3. A slew of graphic t-shirts

Graphic tees are something that I certainly need to get more of, but the ones I have are in heavy circulation during the summertime. I just need easy shirts that can be thrown on with both athletic shorts and denim shorts, as well as my jeans and silky joggers. A simple graphic tee is a fun way to spice up and outfit without getting too complicated to make getting dressed a hassle.

4. A fun pair of sunnies

Sunglasses are a must for the summer time unless you're particularly fond of squinting and your eyes burning. Go to your favorite store, try on every pair imaginable and find your shape. There's nothing like a good pair of sunglasses to complete an outfit. Or, at the least, to keep you from walking around with your eyes closed to keep the sun out.

5. A trendy dress or skirt

For me this summer, it's got to be a dress or skirt with ruffles. It could be a bardot style dress or a cold shoulder dress, whatever your trend preference is. I have an asymmetrical cut ruffled skirt as well as a ruffle sleeved mini dress, both from Zara and in a soft "millennial" pink. It's fun seeing the pops of color in my closet and the styles are so playful that it makes wearing them a joy.

What's one of your summer must haves when it comes to your closet?


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