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1. Liberty Floral in Paris A pretty dress to complement the pretty scenery!

2. Giving Gingham a Go This dress is the perfect mesh of the ruffle and gingham trend and I am in love.

3. Things I'm Cutting From My Budget I really should do the same with everything. I can't think of anything besides putting gas in my car that needs to be purchased right now.

4. How I'm Becoming My Best Self First things first, totally love the lesson this blog post is talking about. Second thing, that blazer Chriselle is wearing is the bomb dot com.

5. Shot From...The Middle of Nowhere Love, love, love the combination of these baggy straight-legged jeans with a more modern bodysuit. It's a simple look, but still A Look™.

6. Why Your Blog Is More Important Than Ever (Part II) I just want to read this one thousand times over.

7. Leather with a Twist I love the leather on leather in this outfit. Plus, the car patch and fringe on the back of the jacket? So sick!

8. Four Year Anniversary Living In New York City I cannot wait until my own four year anniversary of living in New York some day...

9. Lisbon Lookbook | What to Wear on a City Break Megan's style is so on point all of the time.

10. Wonder Woman: Worth the Price of Admission I don't watch a lot of movies, let alone go to the movie theaters, but I was not about to let this movie slip through the cracks and become yet another movie I accidentally don't see. I saw it on Friday night and TBH, it kicked a$$ and I am in love.

11. Chanel Little Black – Killing that Cost Per Wear I love everything about Claire's style and this Chanel blazer is no exception!

What have you been reading lately?


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