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1. What it Means to Be Feminine This was a really, really beautiful piece. 10/10 would recommend reading!

2. 3 Looks and 6 Summer Trends for 2017 These are such cute looks! I love the idea of combining multiple trends to create a fun look of your own. 

3. My May Instagram Outfits I love and adore Estée Lalonde with my WHOLE HEART. Her style is so continuously on point and so characteristically her

4. I’ve Finally Stopped Fighting My Natural Body Type *insert a series of clapping emojis*

5. “Best Friend” Isn’t a Person, It’s a Category "It's a tier, Danny." Name that TV show! (It's The Mindy Project). 

6. For Summer 2017, the Trend is Oversizing, With XL Pants I'm all for over-sized everything and I genuinely hope this trend never dies. I always joke that I never wear anything tight because I don't want anyone to know what my body actually looks like and this is especially true when it comes to pants. Plus, just the overall comfort of not having something cling to every inch of your body is a very satisfying feeling. 

7. Treasure Trove There's something so classic and vintage about that dress that Lizzy pulls off so effortlessly. Love the location and look!

8. Pushing Through Fear "You don’t get to cherry-pick where and when and how anxiety will affect you."

9. Floral Palazzo Pant Wide-legged pants are one of my favorite summer must-haves at the moment, whether it's longer palazzo pants or their cool younger sister, the culottes!

10. 7 Things to do In NYC This Summer So, like, when can I move to New York? *cries*

What have you been reading lately?


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