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1. Anxious and Aspiring Arbela, unsurprisingly, nails it again in this article for Bottle Magazine. If you're on your path to graduation or just graduated and wonder where all the time to prepare yourself has gone...check this piece out.

2. How Blogging Helps My Anxiety Really keeping it light to start off today's post, eh? I really love this post that Jessica did this week because it's not something that I've seen discussed a lot on blogs. I see YouTubers talking about it more often, but it's rare that I see this kind of stuff in print and it's refreshing.

3. Blazer and Frayed Denim I'm going to be a real nerd super quick and embrace my inner Brick Heck when I say that the font that Aimee uses on her blog is just really aesthetically pleasing and nice to read. Anyways, moving on...I wanna look this cool in a blazer!

4. Instagram is a Liar Sometimes and Other Mental Health Awareness Month Musings I think that this line really struck me: " media can be a space in which to create and maintain an open community, but that we put up barriers which often keep us from reaping the benefits of these platforms." I mean, the whole post did and I'm really loving that Mental Health Awareness Month is bringing out all of these posts with topics that bloggers tend to stray from in order to keep a squeaky clean, rose-tinted life.

5. Clueless Lookbook Cher Horowitz is my idol, so I'm pretty much in love with this post and these outfits.

6. Tested: Sandals You Can Actually Walk in All Summer I mean, all I gotta say is those Miu Miu shoes are the freaking coolest.

7. Why Do We Insist on Socializing at Night? If I hella related to this, does this mean I'm getting old or just getting wise?

8. I'm Into This: Statement Earrings This is also something that I am into, which is really funny because my feelings towards jewelry are typically pretty ambivalent. Maybe it's because I finally have short enough hair where I feel like the statement earrings pair nicely with the length at the moment.

9. How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth As much as I love my sweet treats, I should probably be studying this post more closely.

10. My Favorite Way to Wear a Statement Midi Skirt I love the flamingo print, first thing. Plus that mustard yellow bag? Adorable!

11. Kim Kardashian’s Assistant is Brimming With Career Advice I still have to read the full article (4,000 words is a big commitment for my short term memory), but I'm loving this summary post.

12. Personal Post - Where I Stand in the Blogging Industry & Why I Won't Change Claire has become one of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers to watch so insanely quickly. I love her attitude, her style, and her personality.

13. Three Ways to Wear Flats (Without Feeling Flat) I'm not going to lie, I've gotten so accustomed to what I look like when I'm wearing something with a bit of a heel (or, if it's my Rebecca Minkoff four-inch booties, a lot of heel) that the idea of flats terrify me. I love these looks that Brittany put together and I'm telling myself right here, right now, that I'm going to figure out how to make this look work for myself!

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I love this roundup. I want to read all the posts.


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