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1. The Little Black Jacket - Chanelle In Chanel Chanelle's style is seriously so on point. Classy, classic, with a little bit of trend and edge. How gorgeous is this Chanel blazer?

2. Denim Dress The sleeves of this dress coupled with the lace hem are such cute touches to add to a dress that could be somewhat simple.

3. Red Floral Wrap Dress This shade of red is so gorgeous for this time of year. I love this modern take on the wrap dress as well, especially with that ruffled seam!

4. Pins, Patches and Pink Fur I absolutely adore the look of patches on lightwash denim. Ugh, such a cool jacket.

5. I Just Needed One Thing From Target… I have never related more to a post in my entire life.

6. A Spring In My Step The color of that shirt with those pink shoes shouldn't work, and yet, it does. I love the color block styling of this one.

7. Blue Suede and Patterned Pants Those pants are literally some of the coolest bottoms ever. And how cozy does that sweater look? I'm in love.

8. Vintage I've never been good at vintage shopping either, but this vintage blazer looks incredible.

9. 7 Days of Smoothies I'm always on the hunt for fun smoothies to try when I'm home for the summer.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. The Target article is so true. Target is a magical place.

    1. Literally, I read it out loud to my roommate and she just nodded solemnly because that is just us every week when we go lol.


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