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Cleveland: The Wandering Wardrobe

Am I biased because I spent over two years working here? Potentially, but also, not really at all. I loved this store before I was the girl behind the counter checking customers out. I would've been chasing down this truck at as many events as possible waving my debit card in the air if it came down to it. I spent many o' paychecks at my own job, which was entirely fine with me most of the time (not really when it came time for utilities, but that's how I learned my lesson).

Wandering Wardrobe is a local (to Cleveland) traveling boutique that pops up at markets and collaborates with other small businesses to bring fun and unique fashion to Cleveland. The brain behind the operations is Caroline, Cleveland native who created a business on wheels that's going on its fourth season.

Caroline keeps the truck–aptly nicknamed Wanda–stocked with a combination of bright and colorful pieces and more neutral, solid basics. There's truly something for everyone on the truck, whether it's a  simple top, a cold-shoulder and ruffly floral dress, or even a pair of simple studded earrings or a citrus shaped handbag. There's only six of each piece, so if you're lucky enough to snag one of the pieces for your own, you probably won't have to worry about showing up some place and seeing someone with an exact replica.

People were always fascinated by the fact that there was a fully functioning boutique on the inside of an old refurbished truck. I always joked that it was like a food truck but for clothing, which could arguably be considered better. It's such a fun concept, and the first to hit Northeastern Ohio!

Fear not if you're not from the area. Wanda's inventory is also all on Wandering Wardrobe's online store, with tons of new arrivals every week. Caroline runs fun sales and promotions every so often on Instagram too, so if you fancy a follow, you'll be kept in the loop!

Where: Everywhere (in Northeastern Ohio)!!! Check out Wanda's calendar to see where the truck will be parked next.
What: Cute and affordable trendy and classic wardrobe pieces plus really unique accessories.
For fans of: Shopping small and boutiques!


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