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Top Five Pieces In My Wardrobe

I own...a lot of clothes. Arguably, too many clothes. Even despite selling and giving away what felt like half my wardrobe last spring and once again in the fall, so much still lingers (and so much has been added since). Still, despite having options to chose from every morning, there are certain pieces that I just gravitate towards, no matter what. They're my wardrobe staples, my favorite investments, whatever you want to call them. Sure, there are definitely pieces in the mix that I haven't mentioned here, but for the most part, these are the five pieces that I don't think I could live without.

1. Wandering Wardrobe floral halter dress

I ordered this online during one of my summers home, despite working for the boutique. I saw it on Instagram, immediately texted my boss and asked how it fit. She confirmed it was true to size and I immediately rushed to the computer and placed my order. I've worn this dress so many times that people are probably sick of me wearing it. It's legitimately the easiest piece to style in my wardrobe. It goes with every single lipstick color and can go with wedges, flip flops, flat sandals, whatever I want. It's breezy, comfortable, and that neckline is just so flattering that I want one in every single color.

2. J. Crew City Coat

I think they also call this the 'Cocoon' coat or used to at some point. I have this coat in two colors, an emerald green and the tan one pictured above. I highly considered getting this coat in black, too, which really proves just how much I love it. I just think it's a great shape, a great weight, and just goes with everything. I can wear it open for a more casual look, but when I zip it up and the collar starts to form a faux scarf around my neck, it immediately looks chic and posh.

3. Prada glasses

Ah yes, the Prada prescription glasses. This was my "big" post graduation present to myself. Side-note: WHY ARE PRESCRIPTION GLASSES SO EXPENSIVE? I mean, obviously the frames weren't cheap, but the lenses were double the cost? God bless discounts and what not because DAMN WOULD I HAVE BEEN IN SOME DEEP SH!T. On the realz, I love these glasses and they changed my outfit game. I wear these way more than I wore my old Kate Spade glasses because they actually look good on my face.

4. Rag & Bone grey cardigan 

I bought this cardigan on my second day of work I think. If it wasn't my second day, it was in my second week and I don't regret it for a second. I never have been a cardigan type of girl. They always seemed a bit too put together and dressy for my taste. However, there's just something about this cardigan that completely squashes my mental image of the scoopneck button-up cardigans that you might see on a secretary. I love the small waffle knitted pattern and the long, open style. It's my go-to when I need a second layer for my t-shirts when I just want to be a little more casual.

5. Matisse x Kate Bosworth mules

ARE YOU SICK OF SEEING THESE YET? Mine, sadly, do not look like this anymore because I completely trashed my pair. Am I still wearing them? You betcha! These shoes with everything and they're just so weird and cool and kind of ugly that I can't get enough of them. I even bought them in red!

What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?


  1. Omg that first dress, I need it! And those mules are amazing!!

    1. I wish the first dress came in every possible color and pattern *cries*

  2. Okay so I've been creeping on your blog for the last 30 minutes are you are seriously the cutest thing ever! All of your outfits are perfect!

    xx, Bree

    1. Oh my gosh, stop, I'm blushing! Thank you so much!


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