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Layering for Spring

Let me tell you one thing: taking photos during some of the worst wind I've experienced in Downtown Cleveland is not an easy task, not in the slightest. I just wanted to take some cute photos of one of my favorite sweaters in my closet but the weather was having absolutely none of it. These steps at Mather Mansion seemed to be even more of a wind tunnel somehow, blowing the wind in all directions simultaneously. The weather was testing us and we, thankfully, made it through a round of photos. It involved a lot of pausing, blooper shots, and knotted hair, but we did it!

Even if it's mid-April in Cleveland, it still can be pretty cold. I was still feeling the breeze in this ensemble, leather jacket and all. This might be annoying to some people who aren't used to the wishy-washy Lake Erie weather, but when it means I can extend my turtleneck game, I'm fine with anything that happens as long as it's not snow.

My turtleneck is a silk blend from the brand Zoom. I have absolutely zero clue where to get this brand since I got it at work, which makes me sad because it's one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing in my closet. The turtleneck on it is way less intense than some of mine (I'm looking at you, oversized Vince turtleneck that is equal to the length of it sweater itself) and gives me a tiny Audrey Hepburn vibe.

My extremely distressed jeans are by Joe's Jeans. My leather jacket is from Zara, as is the patchwork clutch/crossbody bag. My shoes are Via Spiga and contrary to that heel height are insanely comfortable. And it's not surprising that I'm wearing my Quay sunglasses. I don't go anywhere without those suckers.

Would it be a blog post without some blooper shots from the windiest shoot on earth?


  1. A pretty and casual look! I love your turtle neck and your ripped black jeans are awesome!
    xo, Alysa


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