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1. All White On my never ending list of things that I really need to purchase, a pair of cool, loose-fitting white jeans is somewhere near the top. I think that they look so ridiculously cool on everyone else, but I've never been fond of white jeans on my body. But who knows, maybe I just didn't have the right pair!

2. 10 Things to Know About Olivia Palermo Number 11 is that I am absolutely obsessed with the fashion icon socialite. SHE'S JUST SO COOL!!!! I honestly think that I wouldn't be able to stop staring at her. THOSE CHEEKBONES!

3. Red, White, and Plaid All Over I love the vintage look of this plaid overcoat paired with a more modern outfit–frayed hem white jeans and a cropped ribbed sweater–to spice it up during spring. I don't know if it's the beret or the outfit in general, but it's so Parisian chic and I adore it.

4. Denim Jacket Picks I just bought my first leather jacket around my birthday in November, so I'm seriously behind on the outerwear game. Is it finally time for me to get a denim jacket? If I do, I want one just as cool and distressed as Hannah's!

5. Occasion Wear: Topshop Dress Lizzy's dressy-to-casual styling with these posts never fails to amaze me. This slip dress is so sexy while remaining somewhat toned down and just all around cool. I loved the dual-toned nature split down the middle and the intertwining straps really adds an extra detail that I adore.

6. What to Do When You Don’t Know Where to Start These tips are amazing. Coming from a fellow type-A gal who always wants to do the most simultaneously, Carly really nails it with this one!

7. Spring with Tobi I love the bright pastels that Deborah incorporated into her looks. Such fun looks for spring time, especially when the weather likes to fluctuate hourly.

8. Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Commercial: the Untold Story I read this on my phone at work and had to really work to not burst into laughter. I still haven't seen the commercial and never want to because it was just problematic in every single aspect. Loved this MR article about it, LOL.

9. A Salute to Jenna Lyons, Who’s Leaving J.Crew After 26 Years Jenna Lyons will forever be one of my fashion inspirations. I aspire to be able to style clothes so effortlessly like she seems to be able to, while still remaining to do The Most™. I cannot wait to see what her next step in the fashion industry is!

10. OOTD: Wait For It I am absolutely head over heels in love with this styling. I love the tiered ruffled sleeves tied in with the red bandana neck scarf. It's such a great spring look that I can totally see transitioning into summer and fall.

11. Kicking It With Converse Jessica always has the coolest looks, I s2g. I love sneakers paired with stereotypically "girly" pieces, like a flowy dress. These leather converse sneakers are so great. I say this every time I see sneakers styled like this, but is it finally time for me to actually put effort into my sneaker hunt? Probably.

What have you been reading lately?


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