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Four Things I'm Generally Too Lazy To Do

My toes have about ten layers of nail polish on them at the moment because I'm too lazy to take it off and pick a new color. Big shocker there.
I wouldn't consider myself lazy, but at the same time...I can be kind of lazy. Can't we all? Trying to do everything all at once is exhausting and sometimes I just don't want to participate in certain life activities. I'm lucky half of the time that I brush my hair and do a full face of makeup and like, brush my teeth and stuff. Okay, perhaps not the last one, but the brushing hair only happens about half of the time. I digress, there are just some days where I'm too lazy to do more than necessary. Some days might actually translate to most days, but we're going to pretend I'm a little more active than I'm letting on here even though we all probably know the truth. There are definitely certain things that I'm way less likely to do on a consistent basis that never fail to surprise me when it comes time to do them.

1. Painting my nails

 I used to be really good about doing this consistently. Every Sunday, I would line up my bottles and pick a new color for the week. Hell, sometimes I'd ever switch my color in the middle of the week because I felt like it. Yeah, that habit died pretty quickly, sometime around junior year of college. It started with just repainting over the remnants of whatever color polish was left on my nails from the week before. Then it turned into me just going weeks with bare nails and apologizing for the state of my cuticles and nail beds while I tried to fight off the laziness that consumed and destroyed my grooming habits. Now I'm lucky if I paint them once a month. It's not even that the act is all that time-consuming. It's the upkeep and making sure that they don't get gunky while I'm sleeping. Even with a fast drying top coat, I have to sleep on my back like a zombie and I can't.

2. Washing my makeup brushes

God, I'm the worst when it comes to this. Honestly, it's no freaking wonder why I'm always breaking out. Again, it was something I used to be good at. I'd wash them weekly to ensure that I'd have fresh and clean face and eye brushes at the beginning of each week. I try to do them once every couple of weeks now but the lines blur sometimes and I don't even know how long I go between washes now. When you think about it, it's really gross. All of that makeup and bacteria built up within the bristles? *dry heaves* Yet, here I am, using dirty brushes. Actually, I did just finally wash them this week but it took a week and a half of me having it written on a pink post it note on my wall in front of my desk for it to finally happen.

3. Properly making my bed

I had to add the "properly" because currently my bed is technically made, but it looks like complete crap. An army sergeant would smack me on top of the head if they saw the state of my sheets. It's in complete disarray, throw pillows arranged crooked on my crumpled comforter with pillows that are half off the bed. It looks horrible, but I can't be bothered to take the extra like, thirty seconds to make it look neat and tidy. What is wrong with me? It takes zero time! It probably takes me longer to just throw everything on there and pick up the pillows I throw when they inevitably miss the mattress.

4. Cooking

This is either out of laziness or pure lack of talent in the kitchen. Who knows though, maybe if I spent more time in the kitchen I'd actually freaking know how to make something that isn't just boiling water and dropping in pre-made cheese tortellini that takes seven minutes to cook. But at the same time, I can't be bothered. I don't want to have to buy the ingredients. I don't want to have to risk potentially botching a few meals to get it right. I just want to go to Trader Joe's and ravage their pre-made frozen section and let those little meals dictate my life and diet. Bagel for breakfast every morning for the past like four years? Sure, let's go it. Sometimes I throw waffles and eggs into the mix to get a little crazy, but it always comes back down to my staples: bagels, tortellini, applies, edamame and a nice big cup of coffee.

What's one thing that you just can't get yourself to do on a regular basis?


  1. I totally paint over my old nail polish to, it's just at time saver and not that big of a deal. I'm super lazy about taking out my trash, and even worse when it comes to my recycling. Thankfully I don't throw out much food at all otherwise it would be a serious problem smell wise.

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