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Downtown Cleveland: Colossal Cupcakes

I have, quite possibly, one of the worst set of sweet teeth ever. That's right, sweet teeth. It is not just a singular sweet tooth in my mouth, but rather the entire set, sans maybe a molar or two. I don't crave sweet treats all that often, but when presented with an opportunity to eat one, I lose all sense of control. I can't ration it, either. My theory is go big or go home, which means that no sweets are safe in my presence. I try to avoid them to keep my cravings at bay. Well, this is until I inevitably cave and feed into the sugar demon that lurks around in my mouth. If there is one place that is sure to always break me out of my "no sweets, ever!" rule, it's Colossal Cupcakes. They had only one location down on Euclid Avenue in Downtown Cleveland, but they just recently opened up a second location at Crocker Park shopping center in Westlake.

I first saw this place when I was at my orientation for Cleveland State back in June or July of 2013. My mom and I were staying at a hotel on the next street over and were walking around after we had a late lunch/early dinner. I can't remember if we stopped in to get a cupcake or just passed by and drooled at the case full of desserts. I went for the first time myself at the beginning of freshmen year during one of my strolls down Euclid to get myself familiar with the place that would become my temporary home for the next four years.

Let me tell you one thing about these cupcakes: they're huge. This is to be expected from the name of the shop. They're not lying when they say colossal. They're about the equivalent of eating at least two cupcakes and you will almost always feel guilty after eating one. You won't regret it though. In fact, you'll keep going back. And back. And back. You'll have your favorite flavors. You'll bask in the adorable pink everything, which is one of my favorite parts about it.

They have dozens upon dozens of flavors each day. They also have cookies and brownies now in addition to their cupcake shakes. I have not been brave enough to try one, though. It's just what it sounds like: a milkshake with a cupcake blended into it. Honestly, it sounds like multiple trips to the bathroom to me (TMI? Probably...), but also sounds insanely delicious at the same time. I can't say that I'll be able to stomach this before I leave Cleveland, but who knows. I'll do crazy things for cupcakes.

Location: 528 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114
What to eat: Snickerdoodle, Chocolate with Cream Cheese, or Pumpkin (seasonal)


  1. I've had the cupcake shake before!! I had a sugar-stomachache for 3 hours afterwards but it was WORTH IT.

    1. Will I ever be brave enough to try the myth, the man, the legend?


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