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1. "In The Night" by Brandon Royal and Davina Leone 

As you know from last week's Things I'm Loving post, you'd know that I'm absolutely obsessed with The Voice again. I thought that the battle round featuring "I Drove All Night" was one of the best battle rounds I've seen on the show and then this week happened and I was quickly corrected. Not only were the vocals on point, but Brandon and Davina totally got into the performance and it was electric, I tell you. Electric! Spoiler alert, but I'm so excited that both of these singers are still on the show...for now.

2. Kate Spade cardholder

I don't know if I've talked about this little leather good before. It's so small and seemingly insignificant that I might have forgotten, but fear not, this little cardholder is an absolute lifesaver. If you're in college and don't have one of these, what are you doing? Honestly, if you have a debit card and a driver's license/ID and don't have one of these, you're doing it wrong. I got my little cardholder at the Kate Spade outlet for about fifteen bucks and it's changed my life. I keep my credit card, debit card and license in it at all times and either I take it by itself when I go out (I'll normally take my credit card out in this circumstance because I won't charge meals or drinks on a credit card). If I need my full wallet, I just toss it into my Kate Spade zip around wallet that I've had since senior year of high school and it fits perfectly. It's so portable and it lets me carry around my smaller purses without being without my three essential cards.

3. Glossier Generation G Lipsticks

I have a whole review post from over the summer on these lipsticks and I'm so happy that they're back in rotation! I think the formula of these lipsticks are so fun and perfect for this time of year. Normally I stray from anything sheer, but these are such a low maintenance lipstick that make it so easy to keep with me on the go. They're small, they wear really evenly and even when they wipe off, there's a beautiful faint stain left in their place. I have the shades Crush and Jam and I'm most certainly not opposed to trying out their new colors. If you're looking for a more sheer wash of color and natural, easy looking lipstick, I'd recommend placing an order from Glossier!

4. Bath and Body Works At the Beach perfume spray 

On Sunday I was at the mall with my friend and try as we might, we couldn't avoid the new scents at Bath and Body Works. Literally, the entire front section of the store smelled like the ocean and tanning oil and sunscreen and I was in heaven. I hate the beach with a burning passion, but I love the smell of the beach and summer and all things oceanic. They had a whole collection, from scrubs to lotions to regular body mists, but I decided to pick up the mini perfume spray in this scent. I will admit, it doesn't last very long, but I am more than happy to reapply this perfume throughout the day because it smells that good. I even like to spritz a bit in the ends of my hair so I just smell like a beach goddess despite hating the feeling of even a grain of sand touching my body.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. That cardholder is so adorable, can't believe you got it for $15! I really need one, it's super annoying having to carry my massive wallet everywhere I go!


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