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Niagara Falls, New York: The Book Corner

Sandwiched between the new police department and the Rapids Theater lies one of my hometown's pride and joy. Well at least, in my opinion. Niagara Falls isn't home to much besides two and a half of the natural wonders of the world. Fun fact: Niagara Falls actually consists of three different waterfalls. On the American side, there's the–shocker–American Falls, the Little Bridal Veil falls and half of the Horseshoe Falls. The Canadian side houses the other half of the Horseshoe Falls, which is probably the most publicized image of Niagara Falls.

I digress, the rest of the city, to many, doesn't have much. In terms of books, you basically have to go to Target or drive twenty to thirty minutes away to get to Barnes and Noble. My junior year of high school, my cousin and I needed Pigs in Heaven for our English class and our Barnes and Noble order was delayed. My mom remembered that there was a bookstore not too far from her work and decided to give them a call to see if they had any copies. Since it's both a new and used bookstore, the owner not only found the new copy, but he also searched through the used fiction section and found a few more because they were cheaper. What kind of angelic man does that?

Ever since that moment, any time I'm purchasing books at home, it feels wrong to do it any place else.

The set up of The Book Corner is three floors of heaven. The first floor when you walk in is full of new books, from religion and philosophy to modern fiction to history to young adult and even children's books. The owner and his wife sit in their office and will chat about anything and everything with you while you shop. There's also a few cats that roam around the premise, giving you a little bit of feline companionship while you browse!

The basement and attic are both used books sections, shelves on shelves filled to the brim with more books than your eyes have ever seen. It's a true Belle in a Beauty and the Beast moment. Downstairs is more nonfiction, featuring philosophical, how-to books, autobiographies and travel.

The attic might be my favorite place in the entire store. It's the fiction section with a sprinkling of plays, poetry and other worldly languages. I could spend hours reading the spines of books, titles and authors I've never heard of finally coming to my attention. The main room has a large piano in the middle and chairs set up for readings. The view from the windows shows the ghost of Main Street in Niagara Falls, which is a little bit eerie and equally as sad.

The Book Corner is one of my favorite things about going back home. The owners are incredibly kind, the selection of books never leaves me disappointed, and shopping small businesses when I can is just a really, really good feeling. If you're ever visiting The Falls, I highly recommend stopping by, if not just to visit the adorable cats on site!

Where: 1801 Main Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Why: For a unique selection of new and used books 


  1. I love this quaint bookstore and it sounds like they really care about their customers. I would totally buy books there if I lived in the area.

  2. This place looks like a gem!


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