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My Alternative Spring Break Plans

I've never been on a typical run of the mill spring break. A lot of factors went into my "alternative" spring break plans over the course of college. Admittedly, the first two years were because of the lack of friends. My junior year I opted for a week long solo trip to NYC instead of trying to find a warm beach to keep me occupied that week. And this year, well, I don't have a spring break, which is completely fine because still, after twenty-one years alive, nothing thrills me less than a beach and day-drinking.

I've always appreciated spring break for what it is: a week uninterrupted of free time. I used to love going home during spring break and do absolutely nothing. It was the perfect way to split up the semester and just take a quick breather from the stress. It never really bothered me that I wasn't doing anything majorly exciting or a bit reckless. To each their own, of course. If I had a different, less introverted personality, I think I'd be all over spring break like me a fangirl on Harry Styles in public.

Since I don't get an actual spring break this year, I'll be spending what would be my spring break most likely watching my friend's Snap stories and sending them messages about how jealous I am of them for being in whatever exciting locations they'll be. I'll just be at my apartment, working my usual weekly hours, chilling with Gigi (our cat) and hopefully doing the same thing that I would do if I was on spring break: relax, catch up on life, relax some more, rinse and repeat!

What are your spring break plans?


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