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Artists You Should Be Listening To

Over the summer, I wrote a blog post about five artists that I thought that everyone ought to know about. A lot of time has passed since that post and there are dozens upon dozens of artists that have come across my radar that I want to show off to the world to spread their talent and just all around frangirl fangirl over. Today's post is just a smattering of some really cool bands or artists that I think that everyone should be jamming out to on a weekly, if not daily basis. These are in no particular order and my descriptions of them probably aren't going to make a lot of sense because I am physically incapable of talking about music in comprehensive sentences. I just can't do it.

1. Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is a singer-songwriter from Maryland with really cool long wavy hair that reminds me of the missing fourth Haim sister and a voice that makes me jealous that I sound like a rodent being run over repeatedly by a unicycle. She has that cool girl vibe, one that Gucci would latch onto with their current branding. Her song "Alaska" was played for Pharrell and it was all over from there. Currently, Rogers is on tour across the United States and has some European dates coming up as well, if my memory serves me correctly. Her EP Now That the Light Is Fading came out on February 16, 2017 and I would highly recommend giving it a listen. If you like artists like Banks, Wet, James Blake or just really relaxed indie music with a fun beat, give Rogers a listen.

2. Julien Baker

Julien Baker's voice is a voice that makes you want to cry. Not because it's bad, it's the polar opposite.  Her voice is light and airy while somehow also being simultaneously raw and gritty. It's such a cool combination. Her voice layered over her haunting guitar-riffs, choppy picking and eerie ethereal compositions makes for the perfect rainy day playlist. It's difficult for me to find good music that I can read or write to and Baker's discography, though small in comparison to some, it the perfect fit for that. How incredible is that live performance of "Something?" It gives me chills people, chills!

3. Young In The City

From what I understand, Young in the City is a high school band from Washington that has resurfaced many years later under a new name with a new sound. Within the band is Noah Gundersen aka the man who created the song "First Defeat" aka the song that can make me curl up into a ball after just hearing the instrumental guitar riff before the first verse. There's something about Young in the City's music that is so reminiscent of the 80's without being the cheesy new wave music that we all love and cherish so dearly. My mom didn't agree with me when I said that their song "Annie" felt like it should have been a U2 song, but my mom also doesn't like Lorelei Gilmore so is she really reliable?

4. Lapsley

Despite the fact that Lapsley does indeed sound like the name of a Pokemon, her music is not at all reminiscent of 90s gaming. Born Holly Lapsley Fletcher, Lapsley is an English singer who knows how to rock a synth in a song. Her debut album Long Way Home released last March and is chock full of some really–wait for it–cool tracks. If there's an underlying theme with all of this music it is that I do indeed think that all of it is cool. Why wouldn't I? I'm talking about it all, aren't I? Lapsley's music is a little more synthesized and electronic than I would normally go for, but paired with her husky, haunting voice, it just works.

5. The Stockcar Boys

It would be wrong if I left out a hometown band I've been enjoying. The Stockcar Boys are a five-piece band from Niagara Falls and I'm a little obsessed. I really appreciate when groups utilize instruments that might not necessarily be your standard "band" instruments. The Stockcar Boys feature trumpets and saxophones in their music and I think it just gives such a different flair to their music. They currently have an EP on Spotify, but their newest single "Laced With Impatience" is what initially drew me in.

6. Sarah Close

SARAAAAHHH!!!! I've been watching Sarah Close's covers on Youtube for years now and her first original song has finally just released and it's a bop guys, it's a bop. Sarah Close is an English Youtuber and musician and is just so insanely talented that I fangirl at the mere mention of her name. Her original music releases have been getting pushed back for years, so for her single "Call Me Out" to finally be makes me want to scream! It's so good, guys. Just take four minutes out of your day and give it a listen because you won't regret it, scout's honor!


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