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The Year of FINALLY Saving Money

It's no surprise that I want to move to New York City. It's been a dream of mine since I was, god, ten? Eleven? Maybe even younger? I'm not sure if there was a singular moment where I thought that the city was right for me, but I've had it ingrained in my head that I need to be there and I'm not keen on taking no for an answer. It's also no surprise that New York City is expensive as hell to live in, from rent to public transportation to inflated costs of absolutely everything.

This all translates to one thing: I need to start learning how to save money. Stat. Notice how I said learn instead of just start. I have an issue where when I get money, I want to, naturally, spend it. I'm not good at keeping my bank account replenished, which is something I've slowly been working on year by year. But it's never been more important for me to start doing this than it has right here, right now.

1. No stupid purchases

Do I need six million pairs of jeans? No. Do I need six million turtlenecks? No. I have more clothes than I could ever need. I have more than enough shoes. I have more than enough lipstick and blush and eyeshadow. I'm very fortunate and I think it's about time that I start utilizing what I already have than wanting a shiny new thing.

2. Eat at home 

This is something that I do regardless, but just in case I start deciding that take out starts to sound really great, I'm going to put it on the list. This should also apply more to coffee as well since I spend a little too much weekly at Starbucks. Man, do I miss Tim Hortons during times like this.

3. Work hard, work harder

Yeah, I know, work hard, play harder. This all comes with a balance. There's no need to diminish a social life and distance yourself from the people around you to work. But sometimes, you have to carve some time out of your binge-watching Netflix schedule to add some more work in there. There's also a balance between working a healthy amount and not pushing yourself to your breaking point (I'm working on that).

I'm sure there's also things like investing and all that economic mumbo-jumbo that I understand nothing about. And maybe I should learn more about cash back and all of that. Perhaps it's time that I start becoming a little more financially savvy and creating a budget of some sort to keep myself on track. What could it hurt, right?


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