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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Every time I go to write about clothing for the next season, the weather decides to take a turn for the worse Two weeks ago, it was warm and gorgeous outside. There was a day that I was sweating without a jacket on. I drove with my windows down!!! However, snow is coating Cleveland again and I'm going to, no doubt, have to clean three days worth of snow off of my car. Ugh.

But, fashion abides by no seasons! The retail market is gearing up to put out spring collections, if they haven't already started toying with some resort pieces here and there for the well-traveled bunch.

I should start out this post like I start out trend posts, or at least, how I should start them. Every season, there's a new fad, usually recycled from decades prior and made new (or sometimes, not made new at all). A trend is, by definition, a general direction in which something develops or changes. So just because a certain fashion trend exists does not mean that every single person on this earth has to follow it. It's interesting though, especially to track from season to season. I'm not a math person, so I don't want to track like...mathematical trends. But clothing trends? Count me in.

1. Athleisure, Revisited

To anyone who hates the athleisure trend (to each their own), sorry guys, this one is sticking and probably will for a while. This time, it's a bit different. Spring is all about embracing the tennis chic– pleated skirts, low-plunging varsity sweaters–and adding more pops of color and details to leggings. Think mesh panels, contrasted piping, the whole shebang.

2. Utilitarian 

The practical utilitarian look is back this season. This look was shown off in simplistic jumpsuits that lean slightly more masculine and sporty parkas sans a furry collar and all of that down lining. Throw in some constructed, simple oxfords and boxy mens-inspired jackets and you'll be all set with this casual trend.

3. Totally 80's 

We're moving back a decade from the 90s trends that blew up in fall and are headed back to the 80s. Think ruffle everything, oversized shoulders, and lamé. It's going to be like The Goldbergs coming to life all over the world.

4. Exposed Bras

The exposed bra trend can go one of two ways. It was shown on the runway with a bra (more or a bralette style, sans the lace) underneath open blazers or paired as a two-piece set with a skirt or trousers. Or, for an everyday look, layer the bra (again, not like a normal Victoria's Secret bra or anything) over your favorite tissue turtleneck or thin sweater and call it a day.

5. "Statement" Tees

Not a statement as in bright and bold colors with lots of wacky details. It's more of graphic tees with wording that makes a statement. For example, Dior's "we should all be feminists" tee from Maria Grazia Chiuri's first collection with the fashion house. I expect there will be no shortage of these shirts popping up, especially with the outpour of "Nasty Woman" t-shirts (mine should be arriving today!).

6. Florals

For spring? Ground break. This is by far the most cliche trend that shows up every single year without a fail. I don't know how much more I can say about florals for spring before my head explodes. It's still a thing. Keep recycling those floral dresses, folks.

7. Electric Pink

I'm sure Elle Woods will be extremely pleased with this trend. Pinks of all shades hit the runway this season, including plenty of electric bubblegum pinks that aren't for the faint of heart.

8. Show Your Stripes

It's "go big or go home" with stripes this coming season. Graduate from thin nautical stripes to color blocked thick stripes. Think classic Gucci canvas, with the green and red complementary stripes. Except all over. Striped tops, bottoms, jackets, belts, whatever your heart desires.

9. Almost Famous

This trend could alternatively be called "I'm With the Band." Think edgy rocker. Studded leather jackets and vests, leopard coats. Basically, Saint Laurent is a trend this season.

10. Statement Sleeves

Aside from the 80s trend, I know that everyone's Instagram feeds have been covered from top to bottom in one thing and one thing only: sponsored ads. I'm joking. But you have to be following absolutely zero people on Instagram to have missed out on all of the tiered ruffle sleeved sweater action going on. I only have one in my collection and I've been trying so hard to find another addition. And, with it being "in" this season, I don't think that will be too tough. Warning though: they are impossible to wear with jackets. Proceed with caution.

What's your favorite trend for spring 2017? 


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