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Six More College Survival Tips

By now, you all know how huge of a fan I am of unsolicited advice that I am not qualified to give. It's one of my favorite things to do, besides reorganizing my lipstick drawer and hoard magazines that I don't have time to flip through, let alone read. I'm not sure whether some of these classify specifically as college survival tips or just life tips (see: number one), but regardless, I think they can still apply one way or another!

1. Dry shampoo will save you more time than you would ever imagine. Keep two bottles on hand, just in case you experience a situation when you completely run out and desperately need to dry up those hair oils. Sundays were made for excessive dry shampoo usage.

2. Your agenda will save your life. Keep track of everything: due dates, holidays, birthdays, whatever floats your boat. Bonus: get a cute agenda! Decorate it with stickers, cute paper clips, anything you think suits you.

3. No drink will do you better than a nice glass of water. And by a glass, I mean about six or eight glasses or so. You know, play it by ear. Stay hydrated. Google its benefits, as I'm not a doctor and can't administer health facts, even those widely known. Plus, it's free. Who doesn't love free things?

4. Invest in a good coat and boots. I suppose this tip needs to be tailored specifically to the weather of your school. For me, investing in a solid, thick and lined wool coat and a pair of nice leather riding or moto boots with a thick rubber sole to keep your feet warm and create traction when the conditions get a bit icy.

5. You're never too cool to call your parents. This can also apply to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, anyone you consider close. Call them when you're bored, homesick, or just want to catch up, whether you're twenty minutes away or six hours away. It makes no difference!

6. Getting no sleep may seem cool, but do you want to know what's even cooler? Being well rested. Waking up feeling rejuvenated and not like a zombie. In my experience–and as an avid sleep hater–I've learned that sometimes getting more sleep is more important.


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