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1. IT'S COOOLLLDDDD Highkey want a pair of leather gloves right now, solely so I can attempt a look as cool as this.

2. 5 Simple Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts This is precisely why I have 95.6% of my Facebook albums hidden. Nobody needs to see me during my adolescence. Most were unlucky enough to have witnessed it firsthand, anyways.

3. An Idiot’s Guide to Mirror Selfies As I take all of my outfit pictures in the dressing room mirrors at work, we shall see if these come in handy next time I wear a cute outfit there...

4. 3 Ways to Avoid Pants for the Rest of Winter Leandra Medine is #goals.

5. Is Eyeliner Dead? I feel so empty without my winged eyeliner. No way, José.

6. The Things You Learn When You Stop Shopping for a Month This needs to happen in my life, ASAP.

7. Wear to Work (Minus the Holes) When will I ever find a blazer that fits me properly? When?!

What have you been reading lately?


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