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How Do You Make Friends Without Classes?

This isn't one of my usual thinly veiled advice posts. Today is, technically, day one of navigating life as a post-grad, as I am supposed to be starting my last semester of college today. Instead, I'm still laying in bed at the house I grew up in, covering in a real warm hand knitted blanket. Up until now, everything has felt like a normal winter break, but after seeing back to school tweets and posts today, I'm starting to feel it a bit more.

There are plenty of things that I knew would change. First and foremost, since I'm not diving into a full-time "career" yet, I wondered how I would spend my free time and how I would adjust to having it. What do I do with the hours I poured over textbooks, rewriting notes, writing and editing papers and articles? What do I do with the hours that I was sitting in class trying so hard to pay attention to my professors even if I had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before? What do I do with the energy that I would have lost at exponential rates just thinking about school?

One thing that I didn't think about was friends. I've made friends through classes, whether it's just sitting next to people in our unofficial assigned seats, working on group projects, or just being in classes with the same people, especially when getting more in depth into required classes for my major. I always say that making friends in classes is probably the easiest way to make friends in college. do you make friends out of college? What do you do when you don't have that class in common? Sure, there are co-workers, but what if you work from home?

Perhaps this is a question to bring up at another time in my life when I'm not living with my friends still. This, I think, will come in handy when I ship off to a new city by myself without knowing a soul.


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