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1. The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

I mentioned this and the Ole Henriksen scrub in my winter skincare routine, but didn't go into as much detail about it as it deserved. It's easily become my favorite part in my skincare routine (aside from my Clarisonic...I love that thing so much). It feels so good. It just makes my skin feel so smooth and alive and puts the life back in my face after a day of wearing makeup and being out in the cold. I haven't had any gross flaky dry patches on my face since I started my new and improved skincare routine and I really attribute it to this amazing moisturizer. Once again, shoutout to Hannah from High Street Sea Breeze for steering me in the right direction.

2. Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub

Yet another newer skincare product for me. I've struggled with finding the perfect exfoliator. Either they're too rough for my face and seem to rip my skin apart or are far too gentle to remove any of the dry skin that I need them to. Lo and behold, the miracle facial scrub exists and it smells delicious. It's just gritty enough to remove those dry patches around my mouth and skin and on my cheeks and it cleanses at the same time. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, not rough and red. Plus seriously, it smells so sweet and delicious.

3. Lorac Mulberry and NYX Transylvania

This is one of my favorite lip combinations during the winter time. I find that it takes too many layers of NYX Transylvania to make it as opaque as I want it to, so I just layer it over the Lorac lip crayon in Mulberry for that really dark, dramatic vampy look. I now really, really want to try out MAC's Nightmoth lip pencil! I think that would be a really good addition to my makeup collection.

4. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon

I have zero clue how to describe scents besides the the typical "it smells good" factor. But seriously, this one smells good. All of the Elizabeth and James Nirvana scents have a somewhat similar smell, a little bit musky. I've had miniature rollerballs of the White and Black scents and currently have a mini of the Rose scent, but I think the Bourbon scent is my all time favorite, which is why I picked up a full-sized rollerball. I find it hard to commit to scents with full bottles, but for me, you know it's real when I decide to get a rollerball of it instead of living off those teeny, tiny samples you get with your Sephora orders.

5. Zara Ribbed Frill Sweater

I literally have this shirt in every color available. I am just obsessed with the bell sleeves and the silhouette of this top. It just adds some flair to a simple outfit. Without the bell sleeves, it would just be a plain ribbed sweater with jeans. With the sleeves just makes me feel all witchy. I wore the all black one with a black skater skirt and black pointed toe booties and let me tell you...I felt like casting a spell on someone. Plus, they're only like twenty bucks. I even got the grey one on sale for $14. Crazy stuff!

What have you been loving lately? 


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