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Things I'm Loving: Christmas Edition

As I haven't really been using or listening to anything new lately, I figured I'd switch it up on this lovely Thursday and talk about the things that I love about the holiday season. I haven't been feeling holly jolly the past few years, but there's still aspects of this time of year that I adore. But I won't spoil them in this small introduction. That's what the bold part of my list is for!

1. Peppermint flavor

Sure, you can consume peppermint all year round, but nothing tastes better than peppermint in this winter time, especially as a dessert. Besides maybe peppermint tea after a stomachache. I digress, peppermint flavored drinks and dessert are an absolute treat around this time of year.

2. Chestnut Praline lattes

Speaking of sweet, chestnut praline lattes are just one of my favorite seasonal drinks ever (I consumed far more this season than PSLs, which is a really sad thought). They taste even better with an extra shot of espresso so they're not as sickeningly sweet as a Starbucks drink can get with all of that syrup.

3. Bright, poppy red lipstick

I'm a fan of red lipstick all year round, but we all know that sort of glossy, semi-matte red shade that comes around during the holiday season. My favorites for this year are YSL 1 - Le Rouge and Urban Decay F-Bomb!

4. String lights

I prefer white string lights on trees, but heck, I can even deal with the technicolor lights that the seasons brings about!

5. Christmas tunes

When I'm in the mood, Christmas music is all I want to listen to. And by Christmas tunes, I almost exclusively mean "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and "Last Christmas."

6. Glittery baubles

Glittery anything, tbh. Enough said.

7. Looking at snow 

Just looking at it. I don't want to walk in it, I don't want to drive in it. I don't even want to touch it. I just want to watch it peacefully from a a picture. Or from a window. Really, from anywhere where I don't have to come in contact with it.

What are some of your favorite things about this time of year?


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