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This Moment In Fashion...Faux Fur Jackets

Zara | H&M

H&M | Zara

Real fur freaks me out a bit. I shudder every time I brush up against it or have to handle a fur at work. It's just...not my thing, really. The wonderful thing about modern times is that we can have super fun, super furry jackets in completely faux fabrics. And I have to admit, I'm a tad bit obsessed.
I've been seeing really dramatic and statement jackets on a lot of bloggers recently (whether it's real or not, I guess I can't be sure) and I just think they're the coolest thing in the entire world. With so many faux options out there today, I feel like there's a statement faux fur jacket for everyone. There's the shaggy, curly options, the more matted teddy bear coats, there's smooth fur...and all in various colors! You can stick to neutrals, with a black or cream or head to the other spectrum with a pink or, as seen below, a pink and orange striped combination. You can get ombre block jackets (I'm eyeing this black and white one from Missguided) or chevron options like this coat from GUESS

The best part of these jackets is that you really don't have to try. I wore my hunter green furry jacket with an all black ensemble and called it a day. It really didn't call for much more. Sure, I wasn't wearing my jacket all day, but if you're out and about and taking your jacket on and off, I think it's a fur alternative to a typical winter jacket. I can definitely see myself swapping mine in and out for my staple black moto aviator jacket and my wool cocoon coat just to add some life and personality into my otherwise bleak fall and winter wardrobe. Once it gets cold, you've got to get creative somehow, right?

Other places to find affordable, statement faux fur jackets: ASOS, Missguided, Nasty Gal, GUESS, Urban Outfitters (my hunter green one is by Silence + Noise from Urban), Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Target, Free People, and Nordstrom. 


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