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Things I'm Thankful For

1. My family, for making me think it's normal to talk a million miles a minute and feel like I deserve a part in Gilmore Girls. Also for teaching me to be a terrible dancer and a decent human being.

2. My friends, for putting up with my terrible dancing, hopefully because they think I'm a decent human being.

2b. And more specifically, my roommates, for letting me bounce off the walls of our apartment, dealing with my spontaneous and frequent dance parties, and for not questioning why I love coffee so damn much.

3. My bosses and co-workers, for being my family away from home, singing along with me at work, and for making me feel like I have some sort of place in this world.

4. My college education, because try as I might to pretend I hate it, I'm still very lucky to have gone and to almost be finished with my undergraduate degree.

5. Harry Styles, even though he has most certainly ruined my life while simultaneously making it better.

6. The rainbow of available lip colors from multiple beauty brands, for making bold looks so much more acceptable. #AllTheBoldLipstickColors

7. Starbucks employees, for being kind in general and for giving me my lifeblood coffee on a weekly basis.

8. Beachwood Place, for finally bringing Zara to Northeastern Ohio and for subsequently DESTROYING MY BANK ACCOUNT IN THE PROCESS.

9. This blog, for giving me a creative outlet and for introducing me to so many wonderful, talented, smart and hard-working gals.

10. Dogs, just for existing.


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