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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

My favorite holiday of the year is coming up! I always have so much fun planning outfits for Thanksgiving, even if it is just a really chill holiday in which my entire family packs into the first floor of my house and it gets really hot and crowded really fast. Still, I like to look cute! I also make a very significant outfit change at the end of the night in which I slip into leggings or sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt so I can bask in my stuffed belly glory!

You can't go wrong with a loose silhouetted dress for the holidays! They're easy and breezy, uber comfortable, and can successfully hide any food baby that you may grow throughout a night of eating and drinking. The look of the herringbone dress can also easily be duplicated with a pinafore dress layered on top of a sweater of your choice, sort of like a schoolgirl jumper look!

NARS Train Bleu

If you're more of a pants wearing kind of person, there's definitely the easy combination of chunky sweaters with a nice pair of trousers! Or, if you're more of a casual kind of dresser, tackle a pair of black jeans (I chose a more relaxed fit because who wants to feel like a stuffed sausage in skinny jeans on a holiday dedicated to eating?). I've been dying to try out the lace camisole over the turtleneck for a few weeks now, so what better way to debut the look than at a family holiday where you will be judged regardless? Kidding! And then, when in doubt, add in that bright, blue-toned pop of red that just screams holidays!

NARS Dragon Girl


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