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Positivitea Cup Twenty-Two: Eat Cake for Breakfast

Who knows where this saying came from. All I know is that Kate Spade creates the cutest products with it Eat Cake for Breakfast printed onto them and I want to own EVERY SINGLE ONE. I think it is, hands down, the cutest thing in the world. Tumbler cup? Check. Adorable magenta bound journal? Check. Do I want/need the slippers? Also yes.

If you haven't indulged and had cake for breakfast before, I highly, highly recommend it. But that's not entirely what this post is about. While I am totally a cake for breakfast advocate, I just think everyone should indulge every once in a while. Throw caution to the wind! Who said dessert couldn't be consumed at the early morning hours? Why not eat cake or brownies or cookies for breakfast? Why deprive ourselves of these things just because it's breakfast time?

Again, this isn't entirely about dessert but I have a massive sweet tooth so dessert related tangents are quite common for me. I digress (momentarily, we'll be back to cake later, I'm sure).

Far too often, we deprive ourselves of things that we want because we think we can't have them or don't deserve to have them. We create these rules in our head that keep us contained. We think we can or can't and create our own boundaries and obstacles. Sometimes it's fun to break the rules a little bit and do something that's out of the ordinary or doesn't follow a specific timeline or order. Live a little! It's silly to think of eating cake for breakfast as "living a little," sure, but if you don't start small, will you start at all? There's absolutely nothing wrong with going against the grain and being a little spontaneous.

But in all seriousness...go out and get a slice of cake and resist the urge to not eat it at this moment. Put it in the fridge. Go on with your day and go to sleep. Wake up and eat that darn piece of cake for breakfast and bask in its gloriousness!


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