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October Reflection

Happy November 1st. It's officially my favorite and the arguably best month of the year. To say that I was just hoping and praying for October to breeze by so we could get to November would be an understatement. I generally let October whisk by just so I can get to the good stuff: my birthday and Thanksgiving. November usually also yields a One Direction album, which obviously isn't happening this year. But it also brings new Gilmore Girls to us, so really, a fair trade off in my opinion.

Enough about how excited I am for November though! Let's chit chat about last month. This would, of course, require me to finally remember what happened during a month. I don't know why every day feels like the same old thing. Maybe that's because every day has become the same sort of routine. I'm either at class or at work. Nothing changes much with those two things. I've been working hard on the newspaper that's part of my capstone for my major. I blog daily still. All is going well in my typical day to day routine, a sort of cyclical pattern of work, work, work with little spurts of rest when I allow myself.

The best thing to happen in October was probably the weekend that my younger cousin came to visit. We spent the weekend apple picking, shopping and exploring Cleveland so she could finally see the city that stole me from home for the past three years. It also included a healthy dose of rom-coms and, of course, a much needed viewing and sing-along session of One Direction's concert-documentary movie This Is Us. I haven't been home since Labor Day, so it's nice to be able to see family when I can. I won't get a chance to go back until Thanksgiving.

This semester is just a weird cycle of stress stress stress then a quick calm before the storm before the stress rushes back to me like a wave crashing on the shore. At least I know when it's going to happen. It's like it runs on a three week cycle and there's not too much I can do to fix it. Layout weeks are always going to be stressful, but gratefully, we only have to more to suffer through. I think it's just time to accept that the last month or so of the semester is going to be a little rough, but the light at the end of the tunnel is graduating. At least I have that cap and gown and diploma to look forward to!


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