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First Impressions: Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

The Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette was one of my purchases from a recent Sephora binge. I had decided that I wanted to try out some new eyeshadows and ended up buying what could be viewed as too many eyeshadows. While not scientifically proven, I probably could have toned it down a bit with my eyeshadow binge, but alas, it happened and I do not regret it. For five shadows, the palette was $40.

The palette comes with five matte brownish nude shades. Shade One is a matte nude shade, a lighter tan that matches my skin perfectly as a fair skinned gal. It would also probably be a nice highlight shade for those with a skin tone darker than mine. Shade Two and Three are more medium toned browns, both easily useable as an all over lid shade or a really subtle contour. Both of them seem to have more pinkish mauve undertones, with Shade Three leaning a bit more darker. Shade Four is a warm reddish brown and Shade Five is a true, rich chocolate brown.

I find that this palette is quite pigmented! Is it the most pigmented palette I own? Probably not, but the shadows aren't patchy and they apply really nice to the lid and stay put with a proper base. They're easy to blend out and I find that it's the perfect palette for a more subtle eye look, especially when I decide to wing my eyeliner out more dramatically on certain days.

I think this palette is really great for somebody who loves their nude eyeshadow shades. The shadows are completely matte and just really add that bit of definition to your eyes without drawing too much dramatic attention to them that shimmery and satin finishes can draw. Do I think it's a must have? Eh, debatable. I'm glad that I, a lover of matte browns who needed some life breathed back into my eyeshadow routine, purchased it for myself! I would definitely swatch it in stores to see how you feel about the shades on your skin tone, especially since they do have more warm undertones than not. I thought they appeared too warm when I saw photos online, but when I swatched them for the first time, I noticed that they weren't as warm as they seemed. I don't reach for it every day, but I've been making sure it gets a solid spot in my weekly rotation!

Have you tried Becca eyeshadows before?


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