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Campus Style for the Cold

Every time I say that it's getting colder, there's some odd heat wave that follows and I sound like a plain idiot. However, I've just checked the weather forecast and despite the fact that it says it's going to be 60 tomorrow and 59 on Wednesday (how?), the 40s are back for the end of the week so I'm taking this post idea and running with it!

Dressing for campus during this time of year can be a hassle. I leave at 7:30 in the morning and walk about ten to fifteen minutes to class. To be completely and totally dramatic, it feels like the end of the world and I generally want to crawl about halfway through the walk (or if you ask my roommate, I tend to start complaining around the first four steps outside). But then, the second I reach campus, I'm sweating and ripping off all of the layers I so carefully wrapped myself in so I could survive the walk to campus.

I have three main mottos in life. The first is to fake it 'til you make it. The second is to eat cake for breakfast. And the third and final motto is this: LAYERLAYERLAYER. All caps, no spaces, super dramatic for emphasis. No one ever regretted an extra layer, especially when it comes to cake...I digress, you can always take a layer off when you're out of the house, but you can't add an extra layer unless you travel with outfit changes. If that's the case, then you just win at life and we're all losers here.

Pro-tip: Blanket scarves make really amazing capes, too!

Pro-tip: As weird as it sounds, diaper bags have a lot of compartments and make for really great school and travel bags.


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