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1. The Altar by Banks

Banks (Jillian Banks) is just about the coolest cat on the block. If you haven't heard of her yet, how? She blew up after her debut album, immediately opening for The Weeknd and shooting up to the top of the coolness scale. Her debut album hosted songs like "Waiting Game"  and "Begging For Thread," creating some big shoes to fill for a follow-up second album. Personally, I think Banks nailed it. I've been listening to this album front to back for the past few days and I'm just so in love with Banks' style. There's something so gritty and edgy about her music it. Her songs make me want to put on a pair of silver studded moto boots and kick down a door and break a man's heart. I digress, this album is seriously incredible and if you're looking for an alternative to the usual fall, light-hearted indie mood, swap this into the rotation.

To listen to: "Gemini Feed," "Trainwreck," "This Is Not About Us," "Judas," and "27 Hours"

2. Gilmore Girls

I will take every opportunity known to man to talk about Gilmore Girls on this blog. Last week, I watched the entire first season again, kicking off my fifth (is it sixth now? I can't remember) time watching the entire series all the way through. I love Gilmore Girls with my heart and soul. Watching that show makes me feel like I'm home and it gives me a similar warm fuzzy feeling as being around my actual family. It's hilariously witty, fast-paced (which if you know me, that's my normal pace) and just all around charming and wonderful. It's my favorite show for a reason and starting the series again made me that much more excited for November 25th. I wasn't able to go to a "Luke's Diner" pop-up yesterday, but it felt like I was there in spirit.

3. Tazo Berryblossom White tea

Story time: Back in my sophomore year of college, as you might remember if you've been following my blog for this long, I went to New York City by myself in November. When I stayed with my cousin, she made me a cup of this tea and I've spent every waking moment trying to track this tea down. They sell it at only certain locations (grocery stores, Francesca, grocery stores) and none of them have ever been near me. Every time I go to a new store (even the same stores), I check out the tea aisle just incase. Lo and behold, I finally tracked down a grocery store that stocks the Tazo Berryblossom White tea.

The Tazo website describes the flavor as "a delicate white tea with tinges of huckleberry and white cranberry." None of that means anything to me. All I care about is the fact that it's in my current tea stash and tastes like a wonderfully fruity (but not overly fruity, yuck) blend that smells like heaven on earth. I've been drinking exclusively this tea since I got it, giving my Wegmans cinnamon tea a well deserved break. 

4. "This Town" Niall Horan

You didn't think I'd be able to go without talking about this song, did you? When this song dropped, it was 11AM and I was at work and I lost it. I, gratefully, was working in the back, giving me the opportunity to listen to it on repeat for two hours straight while I tried (unsuccessfully) not to cry. It's just the perfect little indie-pop jam and I have to listen to it at least five to ten times a day to feel fulfilled. I'm so proud of my little Irish sunshine and I'm anxiously awaiting more of his music.


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